The Mystery Of IPad Pro in Italy: All They Want But When It Arrives? Here’s how

The Mystery Of IPad Pro in Italy: All They Want But When It Arrives? Here’s how

Shipments should be matches on 11 November, but it seems that something is not going exactly as planned: iPad Pro, the ultimate interpreter of the Apple tablet, is a bit ‘”backward” in terms of timing, and we do not speak only of his port in Europe and then in Italy, but in general.

In the US, that the ‘home’ of Apple, is that iPad Pro will arrive in the hands of the users who bought it from a distance of one month from the date of order This situation seems to regard editions more expensive tablet, namely the one with 128 GB of memory and Wi-Fi connectivity, and one with 128 GB of memory and 4G LTE connectivity (cost $ 999).

Answer semi-final: it can be estimated that Apple had not such a request for iPad Pro, at least in its more expensive versions, as well as the 32GB model, for which we need at least 4-5 days after your order.
iPad Pros: models, prices, features

Let’s start by differentiating the models, which are three as the cuts of internal memory in storage capacity, which ranges from 32GB to 128GB. The 32GB version is only available in WiFi while the 128GB version is available only with module WiFi and WiFi + Cellular.

The screen of iPad Pro, aesthetically reminds iPad Air 2, is 12.9 “and 5.6 million pixels. Just 6.9 mm thick, the iPad Pro 4 peaker that adjust automatically based on how you hold the device and declared autonomy of 10 hours. iPad Pro also has a new processor A9X 64-bit, up to 1.8 faster than the previous generation.

For several technicians and analysts, the iPad will have Pro graphics performance 300 times higher than the original iPad, and will be 80% faster than laptops out last year in terms of CPU and 90% in terms of GPU .

Let the price: iPad Pro ‘basic’, 32GB with WiFi connectivity costs 919 Euros, in addition to new accessories such as the Apple Pencil, priced at 109 Euros, and Smart Keyboard, Smart Keyboard that doubles as a cover and support , to 179 Euros.

For the 128 GB version the price goes up to 1,099 Euros, while for iPad Pro 128 GB WiFi + Cellular need 1,249 euro. The new Smart Cover for iPad Pro polyurethane designed by Apple will be available for 69 Euros in gray, charcoal and white. iPad Pro is available in three colors: silver, gold and gray sidereal.

Glazes Essie 2013 New Trends For The Glaze

Glazes Essie 2013 New Trends For The Glaze

Six new colors to celebrate the end of summer with nostalgia and accept with pleasure a cooler climate that brings us many new beauty trend. To enamel this time we thought Essie with a collection dedicated to a successful woman.

This autumn, nothing is left to chance. Dare and strengthen the power with the color, that’s what make the concrete women and substance. Essie dedicates the new collection of enamels to this enterprising and independent woman, who has learned to manage expenses from past mistakes and now can dress trendy without spending astronomical amounts. A fashionable woman, keeping up with the times by the work, but also the family itself.

The new collection of Essie nail fits the look of the moment, a classic clothing that requires a match of bright colors, children of the sun and summer, but ready to welcome the brine hues of autumn. I love to know how they feel women when wearing Essie colors says Essie Weingarten, founder and creative director of one of the most beloved brands from addicted nail. And when you tell me that, with Essie colors, feel respected and confident in a business meeting, for me is the best!.

Discover six new shades of autumn 2012 collection Essie in our photo gallery and choose your favorite nail polish. Ours is Head Mistress!

This time in the excesses viewfinder ends there is successful American jewelry, just in Los Angeles, which has created a really unusual nail polish, in a single copy cost $ 250,000. Nor were diamonds … or yes

Apparently a common nail bling bling nails in style, but inside the bottle there are very common but a sprinkling of glitter blacks diamonds totaling 267 carats. Even the packaging of the Black Diamond Nail Polish is very characteristic and with a clear reference to the world of jewelery and diamonds.

Manicure from the Arabian Nights Ordinary mortals will have to settle for the cheaper version of the Black Diamond which inside contains a single black diamond of one carat and that has a very accessible cost of $ 25.

A Minimalist House Of Only 37 Square Meters

A Minimalist House Of Only 37 Square Meters

Today we will present a cozy Japanese house that despite boast an area of ??just 37 square meters, seems to be much larger and spacious. Its small size were then combined with an incredible sloping roof, which gives the house a sense of intimacy and warmth.

The architects of the Space Building studio also features the glass-walled house and numerous windows all around that allow the entry of an enormous amount of light, and gives it a light and airy interior. This solution would be implausible in the city, where privacy would be compromised in some way, and yet it is right in the city that we are … what is his secret find out with this selection of photographs!

The sloping roof

The house features a minimalist façade and a black sloping roof. E ‘it was almost entirely built of wood and has a linear input. The roof protrudes on the facade, overlooking a small veranda area that serves to create a friendly and with more atmosphere. Despite the house boast only 37 sqm, it has two levels. The second level is in fact pointed attic and is served by the presence of skylights.

transparent walls

In the living area and dining area, we can see how the large glass walls that develop from floor to ceiling allow home wing open outwards. The interior is completely made up of natural wood, so that all exterior and bright shades of green become the dominant force of the internal design. In this way, our focus will always be facing outward and the house will seem wider and more spacious.

Lowered windows to ensure privacy

In this room we find a traditional Japanese tatami and a very particular sand partially covered by a white wall. The latter is located at a certain distance from the first, in this way you will create a kind of well of light that will allow more widespread illumination and delicate for the indoor environment. Of course, the biggest advantage of this environment is the guarantee of privacy. Despite the close proximity to another structure, in fact, this system will avoid the prying eyes.

natural materials

As with many Japanese homes, the design is minimalist, while the combination of tones is completely natural. In this image we can see how the texture of wood have been used to instill warmth and coziness to the house. It is also worth noting the presence of wooden beams, pretty rustic element, combined with a modern and design chimney. The combination of these elements gives off the authenticity and simplicity of Japanese style.

38 Spectacular Ideas For The Living Room

38 Spectacular Ideas For The Living Room

Are you looking for ideas to decorate your stay then look no further, in this Book of Ideas will find the solution to your problems. We will see together a choice of infinite varieties and styles for the living room, so that you can choose the one that suits you.

We will present solutions for all tastes, to suit every type of personality and of houses, from the widest to smallest. So we just have to start this little journey through the world of the living. Follow us and you will not be disappointed. Good fun!

The orange, a happy choice

In the case of stay, styles and configurations that you can take are endless If we see, for example, we are faced with a solution for those who want to spice up and give color to the environment. Enough of the orange touches introduced in key items such as pillows, table and paintings. And that’s it!

Light colors

Proper ventilation of the home is very important, open doors and windows as much as possible to help you maximize it. This applies to all the houses, but in particular for those subjected to high temperatures. In this regard, the light colors are always the most recommended.

The double bedroom

The master bedroom has a complex design and very interesting. The ceiling structure allows for much give movement to the room, which receives so very special illumination. The head of the bed is a fixed element, a stone cladding real.

invisible furnishings

The wall opposite the bed is home to the TV, as well as an interesting texture that makes rectangular wall. In this coating hides the bathroom door. The adjacent wall, however, is home to the closet.

There is also space for a more colorful element and character of the bedside with its vintage mirror, on the opposite side.

The space for the study

Everything has been optimized to the maximum, so we find also the space in the room to study, which exploits the lowering of the ceiling, so as to favor the concentration, creating a very intimate space.

the bedroom

The bedroom is a good example of executive planning, everything here has been thoughtfully designed to the last detail, to get an environment which, while not particularly large, it could contain everything and also provide maximum comfort.

The bathroom

Bathing, with its strokes gray finishes, is simply gorgeous, seems a spa! The wooden floor, the whole wall, the sink is placed really got it right. The yellow lights give warmth to this environment, which is a largely gray.

well exploited spaces

The look does not mean giving up comfort or functionality. When spaces are well designed, the three things can definitely co-exist!

Ops! Trésor by Opsobjects One In support Of African Women Bracelet

Ops! Trésor by Opsobjects One In support Of African Women Bracelet

Ops! Trésor by Opsobjects one in support of African women bracelet. The initiative was born to fight tumors of the uterine cervix in Africa, through the foundation Women Profile for Africa ??of Cesvi and the Umberto Veronesi Foundation.

The cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among African women, 275 thousand a year. To reduce this figure would be enough a simple pap test, if only once in a lifetime.

Proceeds from the sale of the bracelets will finance a year of training completion dell’anatomopatologa Cathy Mulumba, which operates within the Hospital Mama Yemo (Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo), herself a key figure of the project.

Dolce and Gabbana dress Violetta doll inspired by Verdi’s La Traviata

Dolce and Gabbana dress Violetta doll inspired by the Traviata by Verdi. It will be auctioned at a gala evening to be held in Paris on November 24 at the Theatre du Chatelet. It ‘was designed by the designers to support the UNICEF project Frimousses des Créateurs, which helps children of Darfur.

She is wearing a long dress in tight black lace waist by a red satin band. She has her hair and neck has a golden cross with black stones, classic jewel of the tradition of D & G. It ‘made from resin and has his face painted.

Moschino launches Toy, unisex fragrance in the form of plush

Moschino launches Toy, unisex fragrance in the form of plush. When lifting the snout it appears vaporizer that spreads a mix of citrus and spices with a woody base. The cute pet wears a t-shirt that says This is not a Moschino Toy (this is not a toy Moschino), alluding to the fact that the object is only apparently a stuffed animal.

Jeremy Scott, the creative director of the brand, he realized that fashion can be a game. This is why it continues to impress with his creative style and colorful.

Until November 23 Toy will be sold exclusively at Harrods in London and 3 December also in boutiques of the brand and the Rinascente Duomo in Milan.

Amal bag the bag dedicated to Mrs. Clooney

Amal bag the bag dedicated to Mrs. Clooney. The lawyer most stylish of the moment has become a star of fashion in every respect, so that Ballin, historical brand of leather goods, has dedicated its it-bag. Price 970 Euros. It is a simple and convenient model, which is well suited to the demands of a career woman.

The Amal Bag is just the latest in a long line of bags that bear the name of style icons the Kelly Hermes dedicated to Grace Kelly

A Home For True Lovers Of Design

A Home For True Lovers Of Design

The apartment that you will see today is not only a dream, but really exists and is in Milan! It is a home for true lovers of design, full of exquisite pieces, elegant furnishings and small touches that make the difference. There really are many spaces and their interconnection has been managed in a very modern way, we find the canonical open space, but spaces that communicate with each other without losing their own peculiarities. Each environment has something valuable, which makes it a unique space. It just has to go to find out more about this project by

The living room – Part 1

What better place to begin exploring a house of the living This space is thoroughly modern, with essential and geometric furnishings, such as the splendid white library to ceiling and metal coffee table and glass, which is a true masterpiece! The decorative elements, such as vases or pillows, are few and all carefully chosen.

The living room – Part 2

In a space dedicated to relaxation and social and family life he could not miss the fireplace, of course in a modern, geometric, clean lines, like the rest of the elements. Everything is integrated in the wall design, which houses the furniture container, the fireplace, a large TV and LED lights, that provide maximum visual comfort.If so inside your home you have provided at least a portion of the wall as follows, undoubtedly the most current techniques are not for you a secret!

adjoining rooms

The living area is not structured to open space, as often happens in modern homes. Here spaces are strongly connected, but without losing their individuality. The dining room is autonomous, but open on the rest. Here also returns the theme of furnishings integrated wall and essentiality, which will be recurring themes throughout the house.

The dining room

For this environment, iconic elements, coma arc lamp, Achille Castiglioni. What about the glass table and chairs An extremely refined, perfect choice for a formal dinner. In keeping with the elegant tone of the room, the floor was chosen a resin between gray and beige.

The entrance to the kitchen

From the dining room leads to the kitchen through a door which in itself is an absolutely fantastic piece of design.

The kitchen

The kitchen is functional, comfortable and very bright. In Italy it happens rarely to have the window behind the sink. Excellent choice to use the furnishings push – pull, without handles, refined and with a dry design.

Jeckerson Celebrates Twenty Years. It Raises The Patches “Collectible”

Jeckerson Celebrates Twenty Years. It Raises The Patches “Collectible”

Twenty years of history. Jeckerson, historic Italian brand of sportswear founded in Bologna in 1995 and since 2008 owned by the British fund Stirling Square Capital Partners, is celebrating this birthday with a double project.

First of all, the contemporary reinterpretation of the iconic model Fit 2.0. The historic 5-pocket with the patch was initially created to allow golfers to dry your hands before the swing, inserts in leather or suede. “The idea has become a real trend and the model has been patented for exclusive use of the company”, explains the CEO to Affaritaliani. Gian Maria Argentina Now the new version is made of fabric Warsong, a broken twill military washed and garment dyed. “Many details and finishes that are inspired by the past, with significant amendments.” As the two-needle stitching on the sides and inside of the leg, that retain the color, accentuate the look unique and original leader. The fit was discounted for a more slim fit, most comfortable and modern. On each piece of limited edition commemorative was also embroidered on retrocinta where the belt passes, the writing in a contrasting color “20thAnniversary”, which incorporates the logo Jeckerson original.

CAPSULE COLLECTION WITH PATCHES – Not only. For the season 2016/17 AI launches a capsule collection seasonal project that will transform the iconic patch, patented, in a “canvas” for creative performances themed. In collaboration with the creative company Independent Ideas, the company has now developed and designed three new revolutionize graphics united by a common thread, in perfect harmony with the brand’s philosophy: the theme of travel.

The first concept elaborates the theme of ancient topographic maps that, digitized and converted into graphic images, are not simply printed on Patch Alcantara, but recreated through clamping material in relief that give a great effect of three-dimensionality. The second was inspired to oceanographic cards. The curves created from digitized design, in this version are embroidered directly Sull’Alcantara with three threads of different color. The end result is a contrast-based alcantara visual impact “unconventional”. The latest creative idea, finally, takes the concept of camouflage that is interpreted in a key multicolor printed directly Sull’Alcantara. Shades of brown, green and blue are flanked so to create an image that is trendy camouflage.

The three innovative graphics will be applied on the patches is that the denim blue gabardine trousers, one of the historical fabric of the brand. “A capsule collection from high ranking, achieved thanks to a clever use of technology.”

6 Items To Not Touch During A Restructuring

6 Items To Not Touch During A Restructuring

From the tradition of the classic elements of the modern trendy decor the structural balance to be maintained during a renovation of a house is a task so necessary at times as it is complex. But what are the strengths of the old building that we can leave intact in the home 2.0 Besides the charm that hold raw materials, configurations and details of the past, it appears undeniable for all to see. After doing so an accurate assessment of the state of health of surfaces and structural constituents, you can proceed to a delightful combination of old and new.

Let’s now 6 cult since Espying and do not touch during a restructuring.

The ceiling

A timeless charm, the one held by the wooden ceiling beams, typical of ancient farmhouses and rustic buildings. One among others, this wonderful inner cover is able to accept and even embrace the most modern industrial loft from the taste, just to create a nice contrast and heat with wood notes even the most aseptic environments. For consideration are also the painted ceilings, typical of ancient villas, and all the variants that have intriguing plots to recover in a modern way.

An excess of decorations

An excess of decoration can make a heavy atmosphere. It will be so good to choose carefully the decorative elements, without overloading the walls and shelves with paintings, photographs, small items. No matter how you like them, you better try to distribute them rationally and effectively.

Attention also to carpets and curtains, not to risk cluttering the environment and make it stuffy, with the only result to make it look smaller than it actually is.

Interior dimly lit

If a room is too crowded and overloaded with objects and furniture, arranged in a disorganized manner, the fact that they are expensive or fashionable does not make it more welcoming. A very dark interior, then, can create overwhelming impression even if the furnishings are of quality. Moreover, these two aspects can have a negative effect on the health of those living in the house.

Although it is not always possible, it will be good to always try to encourage maximum diffusion of natural light. If the house is not well exposed, it will be good to avoid using tents or at least choose them to read and of limited thickness. And always bet on the use of white for the walls.

You will then have to try to keep the house as neat as possible, finding an ideal location for all objects, from those who are exposed on tables and shelves, chairs, until the clothes to put away carefully in the closets

Side Light Doors: Light Up Your Home

Side light doors are an extensively underrated door yet they are so gorgeous particularly the modern-day version of it. The contemporary as well as modern layouts include a lot of glass and imagination. The primary objective of side light doors is to add even more natural light to your house.

Light Doors

Numerous homeowner discover themselves in a residence that has one home window in the living-room. As a result they don’t always wish to go through a substantial building task that involves knocking a large opening in the wall surface to include an additional window. Nonetheless, it is a less complicated task to increase the size of the area around your front door.

Obtain a certified contractor to measure the room around your door to ensure that the right dimension is knocked senseless to prepare for the installment of the side light door. A side light door is generally much broader than the conventional front door because it consists of the front door panel in addition to a couple of side panels. The alternative with the two side panels includes even more light to the space as it typically includes 2 lengthy sheets of glass. For included light the front door component also includes glass. The layout depends mainly on the style you desire.

For example, you could opt for a wood door that has a 4 round or square glass panels along the length of it. It can likewise be frosted glass to ensure that no person can see right into your home. Alternatively you could choose a side light door where the front door panel has a wood border with a glass centre, or a set of horizontal rectangular glass sheets along the length of it.

Whatever mix of glass as well as timber you choose is up to you. As well as do not worry, if your style is also unique to be discovered anywhere, you could have it made for you by a custom door manufacturer. It’s your residence as well as you need to be able to express on your own without limitations. If you go the customised route you can likewise select the type of wood you intend to use as well as the colour. Furthermore, you likewise have the choice to choose clear, frosted or discolored glass. It could be made to suit your residence perfectly.

Side light doors are a very easy and also quick means to include even more light to your residence without the large unpleasant service that has home improvements. Obviously, the even more glass aspects you have in the style the even more natural light has the ability to get in the living-room.

Jad Doors is a household run company that was developed in 1995. We are suppliers of typical & customizeded wooden doors, home windows, skirtings & mouldings, garage doors. We are additionally stores of remarkable quality equipment.

Where to Find The Only Tucker Convertible in the World?

Preston Tucker, the male behind the Tucker vehicle, was a charming rebel that was regrettably possessed by his creative thinking and also figured out to do what several stated couldn’t be done. His mug of creativity bubbled with task. As his occupation unravelled, it became clear his destiny was to get rid of his contemporaries and also to do exactly what had actually never ever been done prior to.


He was David seeking his Goliath. He was courageous as well as more than a little bit of a casino player. All set to risk his fame as well as ton of money, he leapt head first into an inevitable collision with the facility. He was identified to record his desire as well as construct a car that he believed The U.S.A. should have – a safer, sportier and also entirely unusual sedan with baked-in design that his rivals can not match.

Early in his career he and a partner worked to help Henry Ford with race automobile design as well as style. Tucker was the developer of the Tucker Turret, a powered weapon turret that was installed to military vehicles in the 2nd World Battle. The Tucker Turret was an advancement that played a vital duty in the success of the allied militaries.

Tucker is most recalled for his attempt to test the big 3 American vehicle makers by starting his very own, extremely cutting-edge cars and truck firm, the Tucker Firm. Tucker’s objective was to apply his non-traditional knowledge and also good sense to build an automobile that mastered areas such as styling, security, performance, worth, and design. If Tucker prospered it would certainly have taken the “Big Three” numerous years and hundreds of millions dollars to retrofit their cars and trucks in an effort to compete. And as they did so they would have been delegated to the side of the road as they enjoyed a Tucker drift by, eroding their supremacy of the American vehicle market. Tucker completed exactly what he laid out to do with exactly what he called the Tucker 48.

The Tucker 48 car was unlike other cars and truck in the world when it was introduced. A few of its most one-of-a-kind features were a “Safety Windshield”, a centered swiveling 3rd headlight, a fast swap powertrain arrangement, and a rear placed “flat six” aircraft engine that had actually been upgraded with water coats for proper air conditioning. The Safety and security Windscreen was anti-shard laminated and also was created to be easily gotten rid of in the case of an accident. The centered pivoting 3rd headlight was integrated to the motion of the steering wheel to help the driver see around bends in the road. Even today, synchronized fronts lights don’t show up in any however the most expensive cars and also their appearance is a fairly current addition to exactly what are expected to be “cutting-edge” vehicles.

The fast swap powertrain (engine as well as transmission) configuration was created to be quickly be switched within fifteen mins of getting to a Tucker service division. This system was developed to ensure that consumers could drop off the powertrain at the dealership and leave swiftly with a “loaner powertrain.” This would certainly enable a proprietor to prevent waiting, in some cases for days, as their car was repaired, an inconvenience typical amongst traditional autos. Imagine the advantage of such a choice if you were on a long distance trip with an auto loaded with children.

Are you having a tough time trying to find your desire automobile? Just visit an Accelerate Vehicle Team website. If you want to learn more regarding the only Tucker Convertible on the planet!, see this homepage Tucker Convertible.