7 Pineapple Fruit Benefits For Your Body Health


Pineapple became one of the fruits were very fresh when consumed in very hot weather or scorching. This is because, this fruit has a water content which is relatively abundant in the flesh. In addition, the pineapple also have a taste that is so typical when eaten is sweet and sour taste that becomes one. So it is not surprising, pineapple is very suitable to be one of the juice is so delicious taste. In addition, the pineapple also have various health benefits for your body. So, what are the benefits of pineapple for the health of the body …. ???

Friend, health tips. Various fruits are grown in the beloved Indonesian archipelago is quite abundant and diverse as pineapple, tomato, watermelon, orange, apple, avocado and various other fruit. Everything is very delicious to eat and have a variety of tangible benefits for our health. Especially for pineapple, the fruit also has a myriad of benefits to maintain and improve the quality of your health. Here are 7 benefits of pineapple for the health of your body:
Pineapple fruit Organ Very Well To Feed Your Eyes. This is because, this fruit is a source of vitamin A. So, rutinlah to consume this fruit for better vision and clear.
Fruit Is Very Good To Boost Immune System Body. This is because, pineapple contains vitamin C which is quite a significant. So, regularly eating pineapple will help the health of the body is maintained on a daily basis.
Bones strengthen your body. This is because, the fruit is rich in minerals and manganese needed by your bones. Highly recommended to bring the pineapple in your daily menu, for healthy bones and strong every time.
Improve Heart Health Organ. This is because, pineapple is a fruit that is rich in antioxidants. Benefits of antioxidants which can counteract free radicals that could potentially enter the body and endanger all organs including jatntung.
Preventing Cancer Naturally. This is because, the content of antioxidants are abundant in the pineapple fruit can ward off a variety of free radical that can cause various cancers are deadly.
Helpful Very Large For Your Digestive Health. This is because, pineapple enzyme bromelain, vitamin C and fiber sources. Third beneficial nutrients that help the digestive organs work better.
Your Gums Healthy role. By regularly consume pineapple can help maintain the health of your gums. Thus indirectly help teeth strong stuck in your gums.

Tips from Choosing your current Perfect Wedding Gown  

cincin kawin palladium
Tips at Choosing ones Perfect Wedding Gown | Choosing a great wedding dress for you to possibly be one of any initial methods undertaken through the bride even though she are doing her engagement. Looking for its perfect dress is usually a great interesting task, but often always be a great scary thing. Here are generally 10 tips that may help you for you to make your experience memorable, fun as well as leads to be able to ones dream wedding gown.

1. safe and sound your current wedding date and venue.


Before you delivery hunting your own wedding dress, you need to have a wedding date and a great definite place. your own decision is much easier to help make You can imagine yourself wearing your dress Making use of your wedding party.

2. Establish budget.

In producing ones wedding budget, be sure to be able to include a realistic budget for that wedding attire. ones budget In the event that include not single your current allocation for the wedding dress, but accessories (bra, veil, jewelry in addition to shoes), It is ticks considering that the It is often forgotten about because of your details, and so The idea eventually came out of an wedding budget.

3. Conducting research

Before an individual start shopping, lalukan document along with research on several of an designers exactly who meet The sort of taste along with budget. Evaluation of several bridal studios ranging from the many expensive towards bridal studio do anyone think is usually cheap, you need to do the particular document that you should compare between quality along with service fees an individual whether or not your code can be in order to be worthy as well as not with regard to you.

Visit your current site plus the bridal salon sooner calling for you to founded a appointment to make sure that your own range of choices along with price meet your current needs. This can be likewise handy intended for reading your bridal blog to search for out what other brides would say In regards to the merchants a person visit.

4. Plan ahead

Make scheduling an meeting through the designer as well as studio bridal least solitary week in advance. by scheduling the appointment, allowing salons to provide the day for you to people inside their full attention and also dedicated exclusively for you to you.

Keep within mind It It will require information on 4-6 months to be able to Produce a wedding dress. you need to labor and birth shopping to the gown a minimum of eight months before your own wedding for you to provide sufficient time frame pertaining to an change Any time your dress am finished.

5. Limit ones opinion

This is usually a great keys to press along with exciting moment In your life, so needless to say you would want to share inside family in addition to friends. Too several opinions will certainly ruin the decisions made. if an individual make application for a bridesmaid or family member that insisted from being segment of an process, your current advice is usually to store inside 1-2 family members or maybe very close friends that recognize as well as respect your own personal style. immediately after you have performed the decision, subsequently You\’ll bring back various other visitors to show them ones wedding dress for you to have decided.

The option will be to be able to Make sure take the opinion into consideration, but in the end a person know yourself ones best. your current opinion will be your own lone thing It matters-this is actually the time frame in addition to you might be the one wearing the dress.

6. Deliver

Take pictures of a styles you\’re interested inside in addition to articulate a vision along with budget to its gross sales Relate that you are visiting with. Do not be afraid for you to speak up no matter whether people do not like something. that knows there could be something You will do to help dress It make It perfect regarding you!

Before creating a final decision with your current wedding dress, make certain that you should know the policies of bridal which anyone buy or maybe rent it. ask exactly about their policy to be able to change your dress deposits, as well as no matter whether You may obtain a discount on bridesmaid dresses if you buy a great dress there.

7. Reflect your style

Do not work with your own wedding date as being a time to be able to Develop a fashion statement! your current dress you\’ll want to show your current Easiest physical assets, reflecting ones formalities and also the total aesthetics of any area and many importantly reflects your own style.

8. a good beautiful dress starts inside perfect basic

Make sure a person consider your current day to be able to try your wedding dress, measure correctly, along with right after again opt for the suitable accessories is actually additionally a companion for the wedding dress. remember It a beautiful dress with a mannequin will probably not necessarily possibly be ones correct dress with regard to you.

9. understand your own process regarding change

Changes in 2010 the process. It requires day in order to Develop a wedding dress in order to fit your own body perfectly. When purchasing or renting ones dress, you should factor throughout a minimum of a couple of months for you to change. no matter whether people buy a great bridal gown anyone do not produce the change, request for whether or not they may recommend the reputable tailor. Meanwhile, whether or not a person utilize usually they required a great tailor in order to customize ones wedding dress As outlined by your own body.

The content and health benefits of broccoli Share

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Broccoli for health benefits may already know a lot, but to know the nutrient content of broccoli in depth, maybe not many people know. Is the fact that it is a very rich source of plant nutrients, and which helps to protect from prostate cancer and the risk of stroke. Broccoli is a vegetable that is used flowers, floral green broccoli contains essential nutrients and unique. Broccoli (Brassica oleracea) have efficacy in the prevention of various diseases, and is a good material for health. Botanically broccoli are the result of the cruciferous (Brassica) family of vegetables, including cauliflower, cabbage, arugula, etc.

Broccoli is a plant that grows well cold areas, and require good soil, fertile and dry. Mature plants grow about 4-10 inches, flower heads are dark green to purple late (depending on type). The stems are thick and measuring about 6-10 inches. Stalks and flower head fleshy edible. Broccoli is one of the healthy vegetables that are beneficial to health.

The benefits of broccoli for health

Low Calorie
Broccoli is a vegetable that has a very low calorie, which is only 34 calories per 100 g. However, broccoli is rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants, which proved to be much beneficial for health. The total strength of antioxidants measured in terms okseigen oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC), and the broccoli ratio was 1632 umol TE / 100 g.

Broccoli has anti-cancer properties
Fresh broccoli is a vegetable storehouse of nutrients such as thiocyanate, indoles, sulforaphane, isothiocyanates and flavonoids like beta-carotene cryptoxanthin, lutein, and zea-xanthin. Research has shown that these compounds give a positive signal by modifying the molecular receptor levels help protect us from various types of cancer, such as prostate, colon, bladder, pancreas, and pay * d fig.

Broccoli is rich in substance as a powerful natural antioxidant
Broccoli is very popular to be a rich source of vitamin C. Broccoli contains 89.2 mg or about 150% per 100 g (RDA). Vitamin-C is an anti-oxidant and natural body modulatorkekebalan strong, useful help to fight the flu virus.

Contains vitamin A for healthy eyes
Besides containing natural antioxidants than vitamin C, another antioxidant source of broccoli heads are vitamin-A. 100 g fresh Broccoli contains Vitamin A 623 IU, or 21% of the recommended daily requirement level. Pro-vitamins in broccoli such as beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, and zea-xanthin, useful to help maintain the integrity of the skin and mucous membranes. Vitamin A is important for eye health, and will help prevent macular degeneration of the retina in the elderly.

Broccoli leaves (green shoots) is a source of carotenoids and vitamin A; (16000 IU of vitamin A per 100 g), these compounds several times more than that in interest.

Broccoli is a good source of folate
Fresh Broccoli is an excellent source of folate, containing about 63 μg / 100 g (16% of RDA). Of studies have shown that eating fresh vegetables and fruits rich in folate during Sebalum, and pregnancy can help prevent neural tube defects in babies.

Broccoli is rich in vitamin K
Broccoli flowers are a rich source of vitamin-K, and the B-complex group of vitamins, such as niacin (vitamin B-3), pantothenic acid (vit.B-5), pyridoxine (vit.B-6), vitamin B-12, and riboflavin. Broccoli flowers also contain omega-3 fatty acids than fish.

Good source of minerals
Broccoli is also a good source of minerals, such as calcium, manganese, iron, magnesium, selenium, zinc and phosphorus.

Benefits And Benefits Pandan Leaves

Pandan leaves derived from fragrant pandan plant, members screwpine genus native to Southeast Asia. These plants are perennial shrub has a fan-shaped cluster of long, narrow leaves and produce a strong odor when wilt. Fresh pandan leaves only have a slight aroma. Benefits pandan leaves historically been widely used in the world of cooking, even in the household. Pandanus trees also allows for growing in pots, to decorate the yard.

A recent study showed some existing content in pandanus leaves uploaded on the website wikipedia. Some of the content of such compounds alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids, tannins, polyphenols, and dyestuffs.
Alkaloids are organic compounds found in nature is basic or alkaline and alkaline properties is due to the existence of atoms N (Nitrogen) in the molecule of the compound in heterocyclic or aromatic ring structure, and in small doses can have a pharmacological effect on humans and animals.
Saponin is a compound in the form of glycosides which are widespread in higher plants. Saponins form a colloidal solution in water and forms a stable foam when shaken and not disappear with the addition of acid
Flavonoids are a group of phenolic compounds found in the natural world and are contained in plants, both in the leaves, stems, fruits and flowers. FLAVONOIDS compounds are secondary metabolites found in green plants, except algae.
Tannins are generally defined as polyphenolic compounds that have a molecular weight high enough (over 1000) and can form complexes denganprotein.
Polyphenols (polyphenols) are chemical compounds contained in plants and are powerful antioxidants. Polyphenols are a group of naturally occurring antioxidants in the vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, celery), fruit (apples, pomegranates, melons, cherries, pears, and strawberries), nuts (walnuts, soybeans, peanuts), oil olives, and beverages (such as tea, coffee, chocolate and red wine / red wine). Polyphenols are generally much contained in the skin of the fruit, so that there is a point when we are encouraged to consume apples and beets with the skin.

From the above it is clear that it is true if pandan leaf has properties and great benefits for health.

The benefits of Betel Leaves Red and Green For Health

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Acquainted with the benefits of red betel leaves and betel green and efficacious compounds for health.

Betel leaves there are several kinds, namely red betel leaves, betel betel green and black. But that is popular in the community are red and green betel betel. All three can be distinguished from the color of its leaves.

Green betel leaf vines are found among the trees in a rural area and first used as a herbal plants than red betel. While the red betel itself can be found in forest areas that are not too heavy. Its function is to be used as an ornamental plant because the colors are quite nice. But along with the development of human knowledge, red betel began to glance into traditional medicinal plants.

Some of the content contained in the essential oil produced by the oil betel leaf is flying (betiephenol), seskuiterpen, starch, diastase, sugar and tannic substances and kavikol that have deadly germs, aktioksidasi and fungicides, anti-fungal.

Benefits Betel Leaves Red

Red betel
Red betel images
As well as being antiseptic, red betel can also be used to treat diabetes, with red betel drinking boiled water every day will lower blood sugar levels to the normal level.

Besides red betel plant has benefits hemorrhoid cure, vaginal discharge and can be used as a mouthwash, because alkaloids in this red betel which serves as an anti-microbial.

1. Overcoming Whitish

Efficacy of red betel leaf is used to reduce vaginal discharge and keeping the female organs, because one of the properties of red betel leaves are as antiseptic. Namely by boiling 7-10 red betel leaves, and then use boiled water to rinse the female organs.

2. Eliminates body odor

Take 2-3 pieces of betel leaves soaked in hot water 1 / 2gelas.ditambah one teaspoon of white sugar. Allow the water to lukewarm. After betel taken, the water is drunk.

3. Eliminate BREATH

One betel leaves after washed chewed, detained bebearapa minutes in the mouth and then spit out. Do it 2-3 times a day. Another way 5-6 betel leaves boiled with 2 cups water to boil. Cool and strain and then to rinse your mouth every morning and afternoon.

Ingredients and Benefits Betel Green

Green betel
Green Betel image
According to the literature, green betel leaf content very much. Some compounds include: essential oils, phenyl propane, estragol, kavicol, hidroksikavicol, kavibetol, caryophyllene, allylpyrokatekol, cyneole, cadinene, tannins, diastase, starch, terpennena, sesquiterpene, and sugar. All substances that cause such betel destined to be plants that can nourish the human being, because the rich benefits and usefulness.

Here are some of the benefits and efficacy of green betel leaf for health:

1. Fluid Green betel leaf can be used for medicinal and non-lethal pest spray plants. Disease and lice that attack the crop will be lost.

2. Able to treat toothache and swollen gums. It’s easy, chewing betel leaves Green sufficiently. Or rinsing with betel leaf decoction is. Toothache and swollen gums, will gradually disappear.

3. Betel Leaves Green, could be trusted to treat vaginal discharge. Boil the leaves with moderation. Can be taken, in addition to the water to wash the vagina.

4. For those who are affected by canker sores, green betel leaf, can be a good solution. Chew the leaves or gargle with a decoction. Green betel leaf can cure canker sores.

5. When regularly gargled with green betel stew, unpleasant mouth odor will disappear.

6. Betel Green, leaves are also believed to be able to treat dengue. Drink decoction of the leaves, can kill germs that cause dengue fever. Or apply mill betel leaf Green to the body, smeared, mosquitoes causing dengue fever did not dare to bite.

7. Drinking boiled water can facilitate irregular menstruation

8. Able to treat Asthma

9. Treat strep throat

10. Water decoction can be used to clean eye

11. Can eliminate underarm odor

12. Being able to treat burns. The trick grab betel leaf green, heat that wilted, then put on the burns.

13. When the nose kept bleeding (nosebleeds), Green betel leaf rolls stuffed in the nose, can make the blood that came out was stopped. So it can be used as medicine nosebleed.

14. Eliminate itching on the skin. The way Green betel leaf smeared collision, into parts of the body that itch, itch so undoubtedly subside or even disappear altogether.

15. Green Betel leaves can also be to treat eczema, or other skin diseases.

16. Plants Green Betel, it can repel ants, mosquitoes, flies and other insects. In the vicinity of the location of these plants, ants and insects would step aside.

Well, do not ever hesitate to plant betel plant in your yard. Because in addition to good to be used as an ornamental plant, betel leaf green and red betel proved to have many health benefits.

Latest corporation opportunities with many Sectors

Motivator terbaik

Nowadays, The majority of people throughout Indonesia are usually seeking employment. many connected with them want to become entrepreneurs, a few merely want to be able to be workers. Entrepreneurs and also aspiring entrepreneurs, the constantly to look for new company opportunities. these include looking for corporation prospects That come from numerous corporation fields.

Not lone for the culinary firm or even shirts that are now occupied through a lot of young people, new institution chances they\’re looking furthermore come through the handicraft industry, agriculture, in addition to animal husbandry.

New institution chances It quite a few ogled on the actual day is the attempt in order to recycle materials It go shopping became inaccessible. intended for example, is a corporation patchwork. Patchwork image are not able to become used, is usually processed back into a good cloth or cover hood associated with food. for its unique motive, trinkets connected with patchwork demand.

Not only that, examples regarding additional new business opportunities are generally painted shoes. ones identify of painting shoes is actually simple. Crafters only need shoes It white base color after that painted. Abstract painting unique and also often be pilihab consumers. That is because the there will be absolutely no such shoes The idea match your motif.

Furthermore, new firm options progress to emerge via time frame to be able to time. Currently, your role of an younger generation for you to turn new firm opportunities to be sole ticks factor.

Leaves Pandan Wangi: Oral Wound

The oral cavity is a body part that is susceptible to injury. Wounds in the oral cavity is often the case with various factors such as trauma, surgery, and chemicals. According to research by the Ministry of Health in 2011, the prevalence of oral cavity wounds as a result of surgery such as gingivectomy (cutting the gums) due to periodontal disease in Indonesia reached 60%. Gingivectomy is usually performed on people with enlarged gums and ends with the provision of periodontal dressings to cover the wound, but some people are allergic to the active substance in a periodontal dressing.
The fact that makes Afifah Rufaida, Chynintia Goddess Aqmarina, Icha Nofikasari, Failasofia, and Annisa Rahmi Fauziah moved to examine the fragrant pandan leaves as a wound healing drug gums. The fourth student and one student FKG UGM Pharmacy channeling the idea in Student Creativity Week exact sciences research field (PKM-P) in 2015 with supervisor Dr. drg. June Handajani, Kes., Ph.D. Fragrant pandan is one of the plants that were encountered in Indonesia and used as a flavor concentrates on the food. Not many people know that the fragrant pandan leaves contain active substances that are able to accelerate wound healing.
The study begins by creating a fragrant pandan leaf extract gel with a concentration of 50% then the gel is applied on Wistar rats that had previously been injured gums using a 2.5 mm diameter punch biopsy. Application of fragrant pandan leaf extract gel concentration of 50% in rats conducted for 2 weeks at the time the application in the morning and afternoon. After that, the gum tissue sampling conducted on days 1, 3, 7, and 14, then conducted by making histological preparations with HE staining and mallory to observe the number of inflammatory cells and collagen fibers density. The success of this study observed a decrease in the number of inflammatory cells that will shorten the inflammatory phase so as to accelerate the wound healing process and increase the density of collagen fibers that will make the tissue regeneration is getting stronger.
From the tests conducted, showed that the gel fragrant pandan leaf extract concentration of 50% were able to decrease the number of inflammatory cells and increases the density of collagen fibers as compared with the control group. This is shown by the graph the average number of inflammatory cells were decreased from the first day with an average of 8.33 to 4.66 on the third day, while the average density of collagen is increasing from day to day as evidenced on the third day with increased an average of 1.5 to 1.83 on the seventh day.
Failasofia, one of the researchers in this study explains that, in vivo fragrant pandan leaf gel concentration of 50% can accelerate the process of wound healing gums but needs further research so that the gel can be mass produced and used for the wider community.

History of Printing

Printing has its own historical record. History records date information from cave wall pictures over 30,000 years old. At 2500 B.C., Egyptians carved hieroglyphics on stone. However, the printing we know today was not discovered until more than 500 years ago.

The Chinese made many discoveries. They found paper in the first century and moveable type made of clay around the 11th century. The Koreans first made a moveable type of bronze in the mid-13th century. However, there is no connection between the early Asian discovery and the invention of printing in Europe in the fifteenth century.

In Europe, before printing was invented, all recorded information was written by hand. The books are carefully copied by scribes who often spend years to complete a book. This method is so slow and expensive and few people have the opportunity or ability to read completed works.

Johann Gutenberg’s invention of the 1440s, the moveable type and the printing press played a significant role in bringing Europe out of the “dark age.” Printing makes books and other reading materials available to the general public. People learn to read. As they begin to be educated, they begin to exchange thoughts and information leading to new discoveries. Europe entered a period of development and exploration known as the Renaissance.

There was little development in the field of printing between 1440 and the start of the Industrial Revolution around the 1800s. In the 1800s, the field of printing and mechanical methods advanced rapidly. Industrilisasi makes possible the invention of steam-powered printing presses, rotary engines, paper making machines, and automatic typeet engines. Machines reduce the cost of producing printed materials and make them more affordable. At this time, photography, photoengraving, and coal-tar dyces to create colored inks were also found.
The development of modern printing

In the late 1900s, technological advances and electronics continued to transform the printing industry. Letterpress becomes less important. It is used only for some large newspapers and some labels and printing packing materials, business forms, and printing jobs.

Flexography eventually replaced letterpress in a newspaper printing press. This method will continue to grow in commercial packages and book publishing. Reprography becomes more available and the widespread use of word processors and electronic image scanners reduces printing production costs.

Lately developing gravure methods, using electromechanical and laser sculptors from plastic-coated cylinders. Electronbeam etching and photosensitive plates also lower the cost of making cylinders. The new electronic system makes it possible to create a printing cylinder directly from an original copy with no film or manual operation. The future development of water-based ink will further cut costs and eliminate pollution problems. This will guarantee gravure to have even more parts in the printing market.

The development of technological progress will continue to accelerate and get the business like digital printing grogol. Now that the world is in the midst of information explosions, the printing industry will go ahead and continue to record and distribute information into the new century.

Cool and Cheap Calendar Print Tips

Who does not want to print a calendar with a low cost but still quality? This can not be separated from the tendency of consumer behavior to get the price of print minimum possible with maximum results. A calendar in the production process will surely pass several stages. Thus, the cost of production required in the print calendar was not small.

The amount of paper used to print the calendar may affect the price of the calendar like cetak agenda fiture. This means more and more printing plates are required to create a calendar. If calculated further, print a calendar with a lot of paper will make the print price more expensive calendar. At least, there are five processes when printing a calendar. First the paper needs, both the cost of printing plate, following the calendar printing costs, cut costs, and finishing costs.

So, what about you who want to print a calendar but only have a limited budget? Relax, poster calendar can be the solution!

The presence of poster calendar can be used as an alternative for you who want to print the calendar but still save. Calendar poster or one page calendar including a type of wall calendar that consists of only one page. In the poster calendar is directly listed all the months of the year. In general, print such a calendar will reach its popularity level during the election period. Here are the advantages obtained when printing a calendar poster.

Print calendar is not much use plate
Each sheet of calendar to be printed will require one plate to print it. We assume only if in a monthly calendar consists of 12 pieces which means need 12 print plates.

Compare with the calendar poster which consists of only one sheet of calendar only. Of course the printing plate required only one fruit only. Of course this makes the process of printing the calendar becomes more practical and fast with calendar prices that remain minimalist.

Competitive calendar prices
It can be said that compared to other types of calendars, the price of the poster calendar can be said to compete. In terms of paper needs, fewer poster calendars. The required ink is not as much as the others. In addition, the cost of cutting the calendar can also be trimmed so that it does not need a lot of resources in the process.

Calendar prints are not less interesting
If you need 12 designs in a monthly calendar, then for a poster calendar you only need one design only. Company images and logos can be designed in such a way that they can be assembled in a calendar sheet. The poster calendar model also provides many advantages, one of which is its concise packaging with only one sheet can get a calendar for one year.

Calendar poster
Compared to the daily torn calendar needed to replace the calendar, the poster calendar is more efficient because it does not have to bother to change the date every day. It should be torn every day, it means that there will be a lot of paper wasted if wearing a torn calendar.

The calendar price can be adjusted
You can get a price calendar at the best price if you print in bulk at once. Printing a large number of calendars provides many advantages. Hope, with a large number of calendars printed and will be distributed more and more calendars to potential clients.

Wall Table Calendar
Creating an election calendar can also be the right way, since at least election candidates can advertise the party and themselves since long before the election begins. And when the campaign begins, you’re well known because it’s often seen on a poster calendar, desk calendar or wall calendar.

Tips on Making a Simple Living Room

Simple minimalist home living room design – Having a beautiful and comfortable home will give you satisfaction. In addition, you will feel good when you are in your home. In order for your home feels comfortable, then you should know tips on how to take care of it. The first tip is to design a comfortable living room. Simple living room design is one of the design that fits for the house with a minimalist style. If you are looking for a design for your living room then you can read the reviews below.

Tips for Choosing a Living Room Design Simple Home Minimalist
In order for your living room is perfect, then you should pay attention to the design and other elements. Living room is one of the important space in a house. If your living room is comfortable, then guests who come to visit your home will also feel comfortable. Here are some tips you should do to make your living room look attractive and comfortable.

Simple minimalist home living room design

The first tip is to choose the design of the living room. If you are right in choosing a living room then your living room will be more interesting. In choosing a design you should pay attention to several things, such as the size of your living room. The design of a room is usually reserved for example a special design of the room width and design for a small room. Therefore, before you determine the design of your living room, then you should see the size of your living room.

Simple minimalist home living room design

The second tip to make your living room look interesting is to choose the right lighting. In choosing a lamp you should also be careful. To design a simple minimalist home living room then you have to choose the right lighting and lighting. Design the lights do not need to be too crowded because it will make your living room minimalist look smaller. Then the next tips in choosing a minimalist living room design is to choose the color of paint for your living room. In order to look more elegant, then the color you choose should be soft or soft colors because the soft color will make you feel more comfortable.

Position Furniture For Guest Room Design Simple Home Minimalist

In order for your living room looks more attractive, then you must know the right position for furniture in your living room. Here are some positions that fit your living room is small and minimalist. For the first position is the location of furniture and furniture in the corner of the room. This position will make your living room look wider and wider. The color you must choose also you should adjust to the design you choose. The second position is a standing lamp and a table positioned in a corner. The location of the two furniture is also in accordance with the small living room and narrow. Then, the third position is where the furniture is in the middle. You can choose the most fitting position for your living room.