38 Spectacular Ideas For The Living Room

38 Spectacular Ideas For The Living Room

Are you looking for ideas to decorate your stay then look no further, in this Book of Ideas will find the solution to your problems. We will see together a choice of infinite varieties and styles for the living room, so that you can choose the one that suits you.

We will present solutions for all tastes, to suit every type of personality and of houses, from the widest to smallest. So we just have to start this little journey through the world of the living. Follow us and you will not be disappointed. Good fun!

The orange, a happy choice

In the case of stay, styles and configurations that you can take are endless http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-cilandak-jakarta-selatan-new. If we see, for example, we are faced with a solution for those who want to spice up and give color to the environment. Enough of the orange touches introduced in key items such as pillows, table and paintings. And that’s it!

Light colors

Proper ventilation of the home is very important, open doors and windows as much as possible to help you maximize it. This applies to all the houses, but in particular for those subjected to high temperatures. In this regard, the light colors are always the most recommended.

The double bedroom

The master bedroom has a complex design and very interesting. The ceiling structure allows for much give movement to the room, which receives so very special illumination. The head of the bed is a fixed element, a stone cladding real.

invisible furnishings

The wall opposite the bed is home to the TV, as well as an interesting texture that makes rectangular wall. In this coating hides the bathroom door. The adjacent wall, however, is home to the closet.

There is also space for a more colorful element and character of the bedside with its vintage mirror, on the opposite side.

The space for the study

Everything has been optimized to the maximum, so we find also the space in the room to study, which exploits the lowering of the ceiling, so as to favor the concentration, creating a very intimate space.

the bedroom

The bedroom is a good example of executive planning, everything here has been thoughtfully designed to the last detail, to get an environment which, while not particularly large, it could contain everything and also provide maximum comfort.

The bathroom

Bathing, with its strokes gray finishes, is simply gorgeous, seems a spa! The wooden floor, the whole wall, the sink is placed really got it right. The yellow lights give warmth to this environment, which is a largely gray.

well exploited spaces

The look does not mean giving up comfort or functionality. When spaces are well designed, the three things can definitely co-exist!

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