6 Items To Not Touch During A Restructuring

6 Items To Not Touch During A Restructuring

From the tradition of the classic elements of the modern trendy decor the structural balance to be maintained during a renovation of a house is a task so necessary at times as it is complex. But what are the strengths of the old building that we can leave intact in the home 2.0 Besides the charm that hold raw materials, configurations and details of the past, it appears undeniable for all to see. After doing so an accurate assessment of the state of health of surfaces and structural constituents, you can proceed to a delightful combination of old and new.

Let’s now 6 cult since Espying and do not touch during a restructuring.

The ceiling

A timeless charm, the one held by the wooden ceiling beams, typical of ancient farmhouses and rustic buildings. One among others, this wonderful inner cover is able to accept and even embrace the most modern industrial loft from the taste, just to create a nice contrast and heat with wood notes even the most aseptic environments. For consideration are also the painted ceilings, typical of ancient villas, and all the variants that have intriguing plots to recover in a modern way.

An excess of decorations

An excess of decoration can make a heavy atmosphere. It will be so good to choose carefully the decorative elements, without overloading the walls and shelves with paintings, photographs, small items. No matter how you like them, you better try to distribute them rationally and effectively.

Attention also to carpets and curtains, not to risk cluttering the environment and make it stuffy, with the only result to make it look smaller than it actually is.

Interior dimly lit

If a room is too crowded and overloaded with objects and furniture, arranged in a disorganized manner, the fact that they are expensive or fashionable does not make it more welcoming. A very dark interior, then, can create overwhelming impression even if the furnishings are of quality. Moreover, these two aspects can have a negative effect on the health of those living in the house.

Although it is not always possible, it will be good to always try to encourage maximum diffusion of natural light. If the house is not well exposed, it will be good to avoid using tents or at least choose them to read and of limited thickness. And always bet on the use of white for the walls.

You will then have to try to keep the house as neat as possible, finding an ideal location for all objects, from those who are exposed on tables and shelves, chairs, until the clothes to put away carefully in the closets

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