7 Resin Floors That Will Convince You to Change Yours

7 Resin Floors That Will Convince You to Change Yours

Modern and of great aesthetic impact, the resin floor is a trendy jacket, much loved by interior designers, architects and interior decorators. Choosing a resin floor means giving home a truly original solution, designed and built according to our tastes and needs. Why to make the exact copy of a resin floor is almost impossible, even for the same pavilion that realizes it every time according to the aesthetic requirements of the customer and the choice of materials, applying various decorative effects, from spatula to cloudy, from monochrome to all ‘Effect’ work of art. ‘

But it’s not just the uniqueness that makes this coating special. The resin floor offers many other benefits

– it is monolithic. In fact, there are no joints or joints that limit the uniformity of the surface;

– it is durable and durable over time. It has a high mechanical resistance, wear and chemicals;

– it’s slim. The average thickness of the resin floor is about 3mm and this allows us to lay it without having to modify the doors;

– is hygienic and easy to clean. The free-flowing monolithic surface facilitates faster cleaning and better hygiene than other surfaces https://www.solasbars.com. Furthermore, the resin guarantees excellent protection against molds, moisture and bacterial agents, and is therefore particularly suitable for environments such as bathroom and kitchen. It is also important to consider that, if properly laid, the resins are odorless, non-toxic and have no harmful emissions. Do not underestimate the fact that this coating does not require special products for its cleaning because, being waterproof, does not absorb external agents;

– is superimposable and renewable. Resin floors can be superimposed on existing floors, avoiding their removal, saving considerable time and money. Moreover, thanks to modern technology, the resin can be brought back to its original state with a few easy steps without having to put it back a second time. This means lower maintenance costs and endless possibilities for renewal. It should also be remembered that the creation of new covering layers allows for easy change of color, giving rise to ever-changing effects and great impact.

– it’s flexible. Protective transparent finishes allow you to recreate surfaces with different degrees of gloss, matt gloss. Moreover, the resins are easily colored and lend themselves to infinite decorative solutions, allowing you to personalize and make any environment and surface unrepeatable.

Now that we know the advantages of this coating, we have to scroll through this Book of Ideas together to discover 7 resin floors that will convince us to change and from which we can take the cue to begin designing our new and unique floor.

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