95 m² Bright and Modern in Rome

95 m² Bright and Modern in Rome

Today we will visit together an apartment curated by architect Serena Romanò. The property, renovated for a young couple, is located in Rome. Just to have some extra detail, the surface area is 95 m² and the total cost of the works is 150,000.00 €. What we can see is an elegant, refined and formal enough apartment to accommodate guests in style, but keeping the feeling of home where the corridor element, which is increasingly losing its current distribution patterns, Has been here retrieved and revised in a completely new and original way.

The living area

The living area is a bright space, where white is prevalent, both for walls and furniture. There is a mix of elements, all in perfect harmony a modern sofa with essential and elegant lines, a classic white painted table, a shabby chic touch, and a wicker seat. An extravagant interior and rich in character!

Pastel Colours

The color palette is composed of pastel colors. To note the picture, with its delicate tones.
House 1 Classic style bedroom Country style Opera s.r.l.

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The view from the corridor

The spaces are fluid, uninterrupted, connected by openings to the day, which mark the separation between the various environments, but not so too net.

Light games

If in the past, we found ceilings embellished with rich moldings and decorations, in this, which has a modern character and a contemporary look, we find geometric light games. Another interpretation of the concept of decor, very interesting! And what about the curtains Awesome!

The kitchen

In the kitchen we find an almost unreal atmosphere strongly geometric white furnishings, with throat openings, handlebars, and underwater lights that enhance the white of furniture and vice versa. A design of great elegance, modern, contemporary and essential.


In the bedroom there is space for romance, evident in numerous pillows and curtains, white and celestial. Even here, as in the living room, we find the beautiful parquet flooring in wide oak.

The wardrobe on the wall

There is no better way to use space than to use a whole wall-hung wall, the result of careful design and high-quality craftsmanship.

Bathrooms are two and each one with its own style. Here we find pastel tones, modern furnishings, a very nice basin washbasin, and a nice mosaic that enhances the brightness of the room.

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