Baritu National Park

The Green Garden Is the Empire, where the Forest Mountain takes its grandeur to its maximum. Located in the Northern Territory of the Province Singers in the city of Awnings on the Border With Bolivia giving created in 1974. THIS IS THE HOUSE For the giant family fern Looks from the age of dinosaurs gave Yaguarete Which is the Salat One hearts species Danger of extinction. In Between Visits Can be done in the park, Both Horseback and hire path: Molejón Lipeo, Open Mine, Baritú Cedral provide Baritú Ferns.

by car
From Salta National Capital Route No. 9, then National Route 34 was taken into Jujuy province through the town of Libertador Gral. San Martin to salteña Pichanal city, then National Route 50 is taken through the city of Oran to Aguas Blancas border with Bolivia country.

previous migration and customs, incorporated Bolivia to transit Panamericana route 1 to the Awnings junction, before reaching Mamora (Bolivian people).

It is about 110 km from the White / Waterbed international bridge.

From the intersection the transit of Los Toldos Province Route 19 is about 25 km for the consolidated road, to the village of Los Toldos.
The National Park is accessed from the city of Los Toldos, by Route 19 Province. This area is located 26 km from Los Toldos.
It is advisable not to go this low power vehicle and high to the floor. Preferably, for summer times, it is advisable to travel by four-wheel drive vehicles due to muddy roads.


Serrano Tropical With Dry Season. Temperature of friend mice 24 º C Is AT Maximum Season 14 º C 35 º C giving minimum Winter at Under zero. Rainfall reaches 2000 mm per year.


Typical mountainous forest flora represented by vines, ferns provide lianas that cover giving the trees around as high as possible. Epiphytic plants such as orchids provide wicker webbing also beautiful From different colors. As is typical in mountain forests, trees grow on different floors according to height: Under the area: jacaranda, Peteribí, viraró, quinine provides mine ships. Next in the Middle 1400 meter area, ADA cedar cedar, yellow Lapacho, molle horco, walnut. At the top of the Forest Mountain Forest kitd WITH find a species like pine From the conifer hill, alder gives the walnut.


VERY VARIOUS Animals provide ADA species of monkeys like fallen ones, river wolves, ocelot OR ounce cats, Tapirs, Yaguarete, who do NOT merely integrate native wild kits but also appear Hearts PT species hearts Danger of extinction. . We also find other mammals, such as puma, weasel, Pecci labiado, mayuato bear OR korubial scrubber, Tapir, on the riverbanks capybara air giving other rivers.

IN THE BETWEEN birds, Singer covers garden kissing birds like condor gives Jote WITH head giving a red head black. They are characteristic of colorful toucan kisses, Various birds of hummingbirds, parrots give the birds a magpie. Also in the ADA reservoir some air Types of Frog toads provide marsupials, which loads the eggs on the back folds that are similar to kangaroos.

Acceptance: Really IT BUT NO FREE Infrastructure in the park. The Visiting Season is from December April Until, since that moment because of the number of rainfall you are NOT entering the road.