Benefits and Advantages of Renting a Private Car

The need for vehicles for those who live in urban areas is getting higher and higher. On the other hand, car prices also increase every year. To overcome these things, when the need for a vehicle is getting the bigger solution is to do car rental. There are a number of advantages and advantages of car rental for both private and corporate.

What are they?

1. Free maintenance cost

A rental car will make you free from expenses to take care of the vehicle. All Rental Mobil Jakarta Murah maintenance business is the responsibility of car rental owner. You just live and pay according to the contract or lease agreement.

2. No need to pay annual taxes

Annual car tax matters are also the responsibility of car rental owners. The benefits of this car rental will be more pronounced for the company. The reason is, the more operational vehicles owned the tax will be greater due to the progressive tax system. So this car rental option is very useful for corporate finance.

3.Budget transportation more efficient

For companies, an excess rental car is a fixed transportation budget every month. In contrast to own vehicles. When a vehicle has a problem and has to go to a garage, it will become a troublesome financial burden.

4. No need to pay insurance

Owners or car rental managers must have insured all the vehicles. This is to minimize the loss in case of incidents or problems in their vehicles. As a tenant, you do not have to worry about the cost of this car insurance. Let be the car rental owner’s business.

5.The provided driver

Another advantage of rental cars is the availability of a driver. For those of you who happen to not have a car license, simply ask the car rental owner to provide the driver. You just sit sweet and let the driver bring the car to the destination.


6.Bisa alternated car models

One more rental car benefits that can not be felt when buying a car. This week you can use the Toyota Avanza, replace the Nissan Grand Livina next week. You can change the car according to the availability of the rental car when you rent it.


7.Can feel a luxury car with low cost

Not only operational cars that can be rented, premium cars can you feel. The advantages of this car rental as you can enjoy the comfort of Toyota Alphard at a price of one hundred thousand per hour. If you have to have, not necessarily next year you have enough money.