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green betel leaf
Green betel leaf has many benefits for health and traditional medicine.
Betel is one of the herbs that grow in Indonesia. The tree vines and has leaves shaped like a heart. This is a way to breed plants by cutting the stem roots are then planted in the ground directly. This plant is often used as a garnish in front of the house because of its beautiful. And in addition to the beauty of this plant, it turns out betel is a plant that has many properties that is on the leaves.

Betel itself there are several types, but are known to the public there are two, namely red and green betel betel. Betel leaves are widely used as traditional medicine ancient times because of its efficacy. Unfortunately, many people who do not understand this so take advantage of betel simply as decoration.

Betel Leaves For Health Benefits
Therefore, here I will share with you about the benefits of betel leaf for health so that you can better take advantage of this plant.

Dental Pain medication

The trick is to chew betel leaves raw. Spicy taste and aroma that can not be missing from muut then make a lot of people are reluctant to do it this way. Then to still get these benefits, they change the way of chewing betel leaves directly into boiling them first and then use boiled water as a mouthwash. In this way, they can treat toothache without having to make their breath always smelled of betel. And besides as toothache medicine, the way is also able to cure canker sores and bad breath that often makes you less confident.

Treating Whitish

Betel leaves contain natural antibiotics that kill bacteria that menebabkan this disease. How to use it is to boil the leaves. After boiling, you have to cool it down first and then wear last cooking water instead of water when cebok. Do not forget to apply the right techniques when cebok ie from the front backwards.

Treating Nosebleeds

Betel leaves can prevent minor bleeding such as nosebleeds. The trick is to make the betel leaves a little bruised by the way is beaten out and then roll it and put it bore nose. Allow to nosebleed had stopped and did not seem to flow again. Aside from being a little bleeding inhibitor, betel leaves are also useful as a drug burns. For first aid to burn, you only need to heat the betel leaves that wilt then meeletakkannya above the wound.

Preventing Heart Disease

The next benefit is a betel leaf as a drug to prevent heart disease. Because vitamins and iron are very high, soursop leaves can be used as drugs to prevent heart attacks. How to get these benefits is by boiling and then drink boiled water in a cold state. Jam it, betel leaves are also useful as a reliever and fever pana. Same way is by boiling drinking water betel leaf for the ongoing pain and stop when the disease is completely gone.

Skin Itching drugs

The next benefit is a betel leaf as a drug itching. To make the itch medication, you have to do is smooth the betel leaves and then put it on the skin of someone who experienced itching. In addition to treating hives, the herb can also be used as a drug other skin diseases.

Similarly, a review of the health benefits of betel leaves. By knowing about the above, we hope you can find answers to drug you are suffering from the disease. By doing so, you will be someone who is very healthy and strong.