Benefits of Black and White Ear Mushrooms

Gambar terkait

Mushroom. As the name suggests, the shape of this type of fungus is shaped like an earlobe, so it is more commonly known as the ear fungus. Ear fungus is one of many types of fungus that can be consumed by humans without any adverse effects for human health. To get your own ear mushrooms, you do not have to bother looking in the forest, because ear mushrooms can be found easily in traditional markets, as well as supermarkets and large retail stores.

Characteristics of Ear Mushrooms

Ear fungus usually has a medium size for the size of mushrooms, larger than button mushrooms, but smaller than shitake mushrooms. There are 2 types of black and white with mushroom shape like ear leaf, tend to be thin and texturally chewy when held and eaten. For those of you who like the culinary world, this mushroom must be familiar to you, because it is also widely used as one of the ingredients in the mix.

Ear mushrooms alone although only mushrooms with a size that is not too large, it has a great benefit. What are the benefits of this ear fungus? Here are some benefits of ear fungus for our daily lives that you need to know:

1. As a mixture of food ingredients

This is one of the benefits of ear fungus because usually, before you can get health benefits from ear mushrooms, you can process them into soup. In addition you can also create another menu by using a mixture of ingredients or main ingredients mushroom.

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2. Maintain bone structure and strength

The benefits of calcium in the ear mushroom is very good for maintaining your bone health. One of the benefits is to maintain bone structure in order not to experience osteoporosis and also pengeroposan.

3. Helps growth and increase height

In addition to maintaining strength and bone structure well, ear fungus is also very good for consumption by those who are still in its infancy. This is due to the calcium content and also the benefits of vitamin D that can help the growth of bone in its infancy.

4. Increase air circulation in the body

Ear mushrooms also have excellent benefits for the health of our lungs. This will affect the increase of air circulation in our body. This will make the process of breathing in the body to be better.

5. Good for heart health and heart

In addition to the lung organ, ear fungus also has a good benefit to maintain heart and heart health. Of course, these two organs are vital to our body, because they affect the blood circulation in the body and also in order to detoxify.

6. Support nerve function

Not only related to bone, calcium contained in this ear fungus is also very good ntuk support nerve function in order to work better in processing all forms of information that enters the body.

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7. Prevent anemia

For those of you who often have anemia or less blood symptoms, you may be able to try adding ear mushrooms in your daily menu. Iron in the ear mushroom is very good to add blood and also prevent the emergence of symptoms of anemia known as 5 L (weak, fatigued, lethargic, tired, and also lunglai)

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8. Lowering cholesterol in the body

You want the bad cholesterol that is in your body down? Kalu so try to make a special potion by using the ear mushroom. Here are the steps:

Grab a handful of ear mushrooms
Boil mushroom ear with a glass of water to boiling
Filter the stew, then drink the water

This herb is believed to be the effect of lowering cholesterol in your body.

9. Smooth blood circulation

Ear mushrooms have good benefits to accelerate blood circulation. With the smooth circulation of blood in the body, then the blood supply to the organs of the body will be maintained properly, and can prevent disturbances in other organs due to lack of blood.

10. Helps blood clotting process

Ear fungus also has a high iron content. Of course iron content