Best Wood for Furniture

Furniture today is made of various types of materials from aluminum to iron and even plastic. But for people with higher appetites, wood is always the most preferred choice. Wooden furniture is generally more durable and lasting. Ready-made furniture does not offer much choice over the type of wood harga plywood used but custom furniture gives you the authority to choose the material to your liking.

But the type of wood to choose depends on many factors, such as use and space. A chair maker will use a different type of wood for the seat while the cabinet maker will choose another. In a special wardrobe, the preferences change very high with respect to the space to be occupied furniture. This is because different woods have different qualities like hardness, softness, texture and flexibility. We’ll cover some commonly used ones.


Mahogany is probably the most commonly used wood for furniture. The reason is strength and color. Mahogany can range from dark brown to reddish brown. It is used in the manufacture of fine furniture, shipbuilding, plywood and the manufacture of outdoor furniture. This wood can last for years and has the ability to resist swelling and shrinkage. During the 18th century, mahogany became a very popular wooden furniture in Europe.


Maple is another high quality hardwood; Usually very light brown color. The color makes it perfect for small spaces where more light is needed. Maple is very popular because of its fine texture. It is used in the manufacture of fine furniture, kitchen cabinets and bowling floors.


Oak is a very heavy hardwood and one of the most commonly used. There are two types of oak, white oak and red oak. Oak is famous for its ring textures and large circles. Americans and Canadians are gifted with many Oak trees. The oak tree can be stained with ease so it is easy to make it colored under other shade. Oakwood is used in the manufacture of boat frames, furniture and floorings.


Beech is another strong hardwood used to make chairs and tables. It is a mostly pale color and can therefore easily be stained. In America and Canada, Beech is found in good numbers.


Pine is the softwood that is commonly found in many parts of the world. There are many types of pine like Pine Ponderosa and Pine sugar. Both are used in the manufacture of furniture. Pine is mostly yellow. It is widely used in the manufacture of plywood and veneer. Pine is known for its beautiful knot.


Cedar ju7ga is the soft wood used to make furniture. One of the very different qualities of cedar is its sweet smell. This odor makes it very desirable to make crates and drawers as they are used to ward off stinging insects as well as perfume of things stored in them.