Soup for Diet

It is said that this soup is used in the Mayo Clinic for when patients need to lose weight quickly to undergo surgery or other treatments. Although the Mayo clinic has not yet been confirmed, I have done it twice and both times have been successful.

Although the origin of this diet is unknown, it is a very popular diet and many people are satisfied with the results. It is always advisable to consult a doctor before starting any diet to lose weight.

It should be done for one week only. They lose 8 to 14 pounds.

Ingredients for soup:

Six peeled tomatoes
Six large onions
Two green peppers
Coriander of celery
Cabbage or cabbage
Salt and pepper to taste

Preparation of fat soup

Break all vegetables into small pieces. Put the pan with boiling water for 30 minutes and add salt and pepper to taste.

Day 1 – Eat fresh soup and fruit (you can eat all but the bananas). Melon and watermelon are recommended because the fruit is low in calories. From the drink, you can drink tea and coffee (no sugar), water and natural fruit juice (diluted in water and avoid excess calories without sugar), so do not use the juice industry, but be prepared. .

Day 2 – Today you can only eat fresh soups and fresh steamed vegetables, better than the green leaves. You can take everything you want, soups and vegetables that can be fresh, canned or frozen.

If they cook it with the soup stock. Do not drink or oil. Do not take corn, peas or peanuts. At night you can also eat a large baked potato with a little olive oil, now you can not eat fruit.

Day 3 – Today is a combination of the previous two, you can pick up all the soup, fruits and vegetables you want. You can not take a banana or a baked potato.

Day 4 – Eat only soup, banana and skim milk. Consume up to 6 bananas (at least three units during the day) and as many glasses of skim milk as you wish.

Day 5 – Today we are going to eat soup and beef – between 125 and 250 grams – (today you can substitute skinless chicken or grilled fish if you wish, but keep in mind that on the sixth day you should eat meat) can of tomatoes or six fresh tomatoes (always peeled) you should drink between 5 and 8 glasses of water to remove the uric acid that gives the meat. Take the soup at least once on this day.

Day 6 – Mandatory meat – two to three steaks – and all vegetables (preferably wide) that you want until you are completely satisfied. You can eat steak, lunch and dinner. Take the soup at least once a day.

Day 7 – To finish the week you should eat brown rice (with peel, half brown, boiled or, much better, steamed), natural fruit juice (best diluted with water and sugar) and vegetables to satiety. You should drink soup at least once a day.

Lemon Scrub to Reveal New Skin

Lemon scrub to reveal new skin

Lemon juice helps reduce age spots and acne blemishes. Lemons contain alpha hydroxy acids and vitamin C, two ingredients that have healing properties for the skin.

Alpha hydroxy acids in lemon juice serve to remove dead skin and fade stains. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen. Lemon also helps to tone the skin and improve elasticity to prevent wrinkles and sagging.

Few products bring results immediately as do exfoliators. When we exfoliate the skin, we eliminate all dead skin cells that have accumulated and have given the skin a faded and opaque appearance. Natural beauty. By removing all this dead skin, we reveal new skin that immediately looks healthier, smoother and with a more even tone.

The recipe that I bring today I will divide it into two parts. What happens is that for the skin of the face you should use a smoother exfoliating than the one used for the body.

For this recipe we will take advantage of the exfoliating properties of lemon. Lemon is a very good fruit to promote skin health. Besides its aroma raises the mood and makes us feel more energetic.

First let’s look at the body scrub recipe. Lemon citric acid helps to lighten dark spots on the skin and sugar helps remove dead skin cells. This scrub is also ideal for the skin of the elbows and knees.

Body scrub

5 tablespoons sugar or sea salt
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 lemon

Mix the olive oil with the sugar. The lemon is cut in half and the juice is squeezed. The juice is added to the mixture little by little until a paste is formed.

You can apply it when you go to bathe. With damp skin you rub the skin of the body with the exfoliating in circular movements for a few minutes or until the skin looks rosy.

Do not rub too hard, just enough to remove all the dirt but not so much that it will irritate your skin too much.
Lemon scrub for the skin

2 tablespoons of oats
1/2 tablespoon olive oil
1 lemon

Blend the oats in the blender to make it powder. Mix the oatmeal powder with the olive oil.

The lemon juice is added to the mixture little by little until a paste is formed. You apply it on the skin in the same way as the exfoliant for the body.

The skin should be exfoliated a maximum of 3 times a week, no more. Lemon can irritate sensitive skin.

The Skin Remains Healthy and Beautiful with Lemon

The skin remains healthy and beautiful with lemon

Lemon is a popular remedy to lighten the skin, removing stains and freckles of age, removing excess fat on the face and closing the pores. With all these benefits it is no wonder that lemon is a great way to maintain skin health and beauty.

Lemons contain vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also stimulates the production of collagen. Benefits of Collagen for the Skin. Vitamin C also helps heal tissues, helps repair the skin itself and protects it from damage caused by free radicals. It also inhibits the production of melanin so that the skin looks with a more even tone.

Citric acid in lemon acts as a mild exfoliant to remove dead cells and reveal healthier skin. Lemon juice is slightly acidic, so it can temporarily irritate the skin when applied. Natural beauty. People with sensitive skin should dilute the lemon juice with water. If it burns too much, it should be rinsed immediately.

Lemon juice to remove stains and whiten the skin. To match the skin color, lemon juice can be applied externally once a day. For best results fresh juice should be used organic lemon.

Lemon juice can be diluted with water or green tea for stronger antioxidant action. As the skin becomes accustomed to lemon juice, the concentration of juice can increase if desired.

Cleansing of the skin and vinegar occur gradually. With regular use, results can be seen from one month to six months depending on how strong pigmentation in the skin is.

Lemon removes fat from the face

The front, chin and around the nose are areas where fat usually builds up.
Wet the cotton ball with lemon juice and gently rub the fatty area. Avoid using lemon on the skin around the eyes and on the open skin or rash.
Lemon to close the pores

Well, more precisely, to reduce the size of the pores, lemon is an easy, effective and inexpensive remedy. This can be applied in the same way as removing fat from the face.

Avoid exposure to sunlight for at least an hour after applying lemon juice to the skin. Lemons make your skin more susceptible to sunlight and can also be tarnished. The best way is to apply the juice at night and wash your face well before leaving the next day.

Research the blessings of Meditation – enhance Your lifestyle

Research the blessings of Meditation – enhance Your lifestyle. Everyone these days is on some kind of a quest to improve some aspect of their lives and well-being. Some people are willing to go to the extreme, in any direction, in order to secure peace and gaiety .

While others invest unspeakable extents of money on a down payment on composure. Yet others expire in their quest, because they have latched onto some damaging makes, of trying to obtain that peace and gaiety, that we all so desire. Yet so few are eligible for .

What is the secret to peace and gaiety hoarded by these picked few? Well it’s not in extremes, or in having money to burn, or in a bottle, capsule or beaker. In detail, it is simply all in your spirit .
Research the blessings of Meditation - enhance Your lifestyle
Picture this … comforting creeks, luxuriant dark-green surroundings, tropical audios, and familiar smells. You have just been introduced to musing, the first step on the pilgrimage of quietnes, composure and gaiety .

The benefits of meditation are many, but the most important one we are going to discuss here, is how the benefits of musing improve your lifestyle. When some people think about musing they might not look at the course of carrying out musing as an ongoing phenomenon, but preferably as discreet modules sectioned off into a designated component of a person’s era. Our surrounding world, which can be seen by the naked seeing, is perfectly influenced by the internal surrounding of the spirit. There is an enemy of quietnes inside of everyone, it is known as the “monkey mind”. The’ monkey mind” cannot be still and rest on its own. It must be tamed. Once the spirit is tamed through the process of musing , all other areas of your life will follow suit. I have witnessed over and over how the benefits of musing improves lifestyle .

There is a type of illness that is classified as psychosomatic. These are the illness which are obtained rigorously from the spirit. High-pitched blood pressure caused by stress for example. We all are well aware that stress can cause high-pitched blood pressure. So then the high-pitched blood caused by stress, is classified as psychosomatic in quality. In other statements, the cause of the illness is all in the mind. Hence, if the stress that affliction your spirit is removed, so is the stress removed, that affliction your life. And once the stress that affliction your life is removed, the resultant peace of mind breaths life, into your lifestyle. This is but one of the many routes that the benefits of musing, improve your lifestyle .

The healthy mind, developing in a happy, delightful life, must have an adequate foods of daily musing. Reflection does for the spirit, what employ does for their own bodies. Let’s face facts, a lot of people realize the benefits of a health body to help improve lifestyle. But without the spirit being purposefully included into the process of healthy living, then we are merely considering the indications while discounting the stimulate. So then one must continually request outward sets, e.g. employ, when such measures are aimed at exclusively the outward an expression of dis-ease, when in reality they are inwardly obtained .
Meditation develops a certain kind of method that prescribes one’s life, starting from the inside and succeeding it’s way out. Where there is peace within, it is realized without. Exercise is the opposite, it starts from the outside and bides there. At better it can temporarily improve your mood, but it cannot improve the spirit as the one whole serve, life preserving cell that it is. The benefits of musing are happening endlessly. Because, as the psychosomatic is uprooted from the spirit, then the fruit of discord is likewise uprooted. And I can predict you, that once discord is uprooted, your perception of life will be increasingly more delightful, procreating it essentially more delightful, even if your situations never change. You assure, your perception of life determines how well you respond to stres. And once you learn, through musing, to have such a perception, where stres can reach no valid demands, what is left, is fertile clay in which the grains of peace and gaiety may flourish .

Benefits of Carrots For Body Health

Carrots are one of the most familiar vegetables for most people in all corners of the world. From having an elongated shape and color that some large orange or red easily make carrots one among the vegetables are easily recognizable. Some of us must also know that vegetables are so good to protect the health of eye organs. So, eating carrots immediately or in juices and vegetables is recommended. But, in fact, that’s not the only benefit of carrots for your body. There are a number of hidden benefits contained in one carrot.

benefit carrot for health

Close friends, health guide. Carrots are among the vegetables that have a variety of nutrients and vitamins that are needed by all organs of your body. Manfaat So Shin MCI Based on the fact that has been uncovered, carrots are a source of vitamin A is prime. Vitamin A in carrots is so good to protect and keep your body healthy. Health guidelines will also reveal the variety of benefits of orange vegetables in detail. Below are benefits of carrots for your body’s health:

#1 A Better View. The source of beta-carotene in carrots will also be replaced by the liver so a source of vitamin A. So not surprisingly, if a regular consumption of carrots in the daily menu, so the organ also will awaken health during the time.

#2 Anti Cancer Vegetables. Carrots soup among vegetables are so efficient to prevent various types of cancer is so deadly such as breast cancer, lung and colon. This is because there is a content of falcarinol and falcarindiol which in the form of anticancer in a carrot.

#3 Healthier Heart. The content of beta-carotene, alpha carotene and lutein make carrots so in need by heart organ. This is because. Various substances that content will also make you avoid from various problems or heart attack.

#4 Teeth are More Healthier And Stronger. Carrot acts necessary in helping to get rid of plaque and food scraps that can cause tooth decay and your gums. This is because, carrots have specific mineral content that can avoid tooth decay from time.

#5 Powerful Stroke Prevention. Regular consumption of orange or carrot vegetables can reduce and avoid stroke that can terrorize the safety of life within a relatively quick time.

#6 Looks More Younger. The content of beta-carotene is so high in one carrot can slow cell aging. Until make a person look more youthful though age always so increase.

#7 Toxin Cleanser In Body. Vitamin A content in carrots can clean the organ of colon and bile and fat in your liver organ with natural and efficient.

Benefits of Black and White Ear Mushrooms

Gambar terkait

Mushroom. As the name suggests, the shape of this type of fungus is shaped like an earlobe, so it is more commonly known as the ear fungus. Ear fungus is one of many types of fungus that can be consumed by humans without any adverse effects for human health. To get your own ear mushrooms, you do not have to bother looking in the forest, because ear mushrooms can be found easily in traditional markets, as well as supermarkets and large retail stores.

Characteristics of Ear Mushrooms

Ear fungus usually has a medium size for the size of mushrooms, larger than button mushrooms, but smaller than shitake mushrooms. There are 2 types of black and white with mushroom shape like ear leaf, tend to be thin and texturally chewy when held and eaten. For those of you who like the culinary world, this mushroom must be familiar to you, because it is also widely used as one of the ingredients in the mix.

Ear mushrooms alone although only mushrooms with a size that is not too large, it has a great benefit. What are the benefits of this ear fungus? Here are some benefits of ear fungus for our daily lives that you need to know:

1. As a mixture of food ingredients

This is one of the benefits of ear fungus because usually, before you can get health benefits from ear mushrooms, you can process them into soup. In addition you can also create another menu by using a mixture of ingredients or main ingredients mushroom.

Other ingredients often used in cooking mix are:

Benefits of spices
Benefits of parsley leaves
Benefits of cayenne pepper

2. Maintain bone structure and strength

The benefits of calcium in the ear mushroom is very good for maintaining your bone health. One of the benefits is to maintain bone structure in order not to experience osteoporosis and also pengeroposan.

3. Helps growth and increase height

In addition to maintaining strength and bone structure well, ear fungus is also very good for consumption by those who are still in its infancy. This is due to the calcium content and also the benefits of vitamin D that can help the growth of bone in its infancy.

4. Increase air circulation in the body

Ear mushrooms also have excellent benefits for the health of our lungs. This will affect the increase of air circulation in our body. This will make the process of breathing in the body to be better.

5. Good for heart health and heart

In addition to the lung organ, ear fungus also has a good benefit to maintain heart and heart health. Of course, these two organs are vital to our body, because they affect the blood circulation in the body and also in order to detoxify.

6. Support nerve function

Not only related to bone, calcium contained in this ear fungus is also very good ntuk support nerve function in order to work better in processing all forms of information that enters the body.

Support for other nerve functions is also found in:

Benefits of AA and DHA
Benefits of vitamin E
Benefits of protein

7. Prevent anemia

For those of you who often have anemia or less blood symptoms, you may be able to try adding ear mushrooms in your daily menu. Iron in the ear mushroom is very good to add blood and also prevent the emergence of symptoms of anemia known as 5 L (weak, fatigued, lethargic, tired, and also lunglai)

Prevention of anemia may consume the following foods:

The benefits of goat meat
Benefits of cassava leaves
The benefits of spinach
The benefits of long beans
The benefits of beef
The benefits of chicken meat
Benefits of beetroot
The benefits of venison
The benefits of duck meat
The benefits of beef liver
Benefits of chicken liver
Benefits of half-cooked eggs

8. Lowering cholesterol in the body

You want the bad cholesterol that is in your body down? Kalu so try to make a special potion by using the ear mushroom. Here are the steps:

Grab a handful of ear mushrooms
Boil mushroom ear with a glass of water to boiling
Filter the stew, then drink the water

This herb is believed to be the effect of lowering cholesterol in your body.

9. Smooth blood circulation

Ear mushrooms have good benefits to accelerate blood circulation. With the smooth circulation of blood in the body, then the blood supply to the organs of the body will be maintained properly, and can prevent disturbances in other organs due to lack of blood.

10. Helps blood clotting process

Ear fungus also has a high iron content. Of course iron content

Turns Warm Sweet Tea Health Benefits Have 13

Drinks were so much liked by all circles of society, namely Indonesia tea. either from the top or the bottom, the public taste beverages will be served so common and would always exist in a home kitchen. tea indeed has entered the community linkage and it was always delicious if circumstances drunk while hot, warm, or cold.

Subhanallah Turns Warm Sweet Tea Health Benefits Have 13
Tea is already a lot known since long ago to shogunan country of Japan. types and kinds are so varied. but the tea production in Indonesia is also one that is so steady. conditions spices still natural and genuine. even some people combine mixed fruit flavor tea with cherry, jasmine, strawberry and lime as well as milk and honey made to add flavor to the tea. This is very inappropriate thing you do if you want to get more essence in a glass of tea.
The content of tea
Tea is rich in compounds that have antioxidant properties, kefain tea (in this case differ between kefain coffee and tea). vitamin B complex, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, which is good for maintaining a healthy body and also take care of you all. but it also contains polyphenols such as flavanols and catechins. also memonocitrat and fluoride in the form of potassium manganese, and zinc.
Tea is one of the most so common is brewed together with warm water and then served for the immediately eaten. nah cuman baseball’s steady but mengasih warm tea for health benefits, such as following:
1. It helps to remove toxins from the body
Condition of warm sweet tea lifeline turned out so well rid of toxins in your grow. this is caused because the efficacy of warm water itself is so good at helping to improve digestion of food. Not only do it alone, but also so good for your body helps normalize circulation all.
2. Can increase the body’s immunity
The tea has a substance that can help you create boost immunity. The substance is vitamin C so active for help boost the immune system in the body of this anda.hal can help you create can terjauhi of all diseases.
3. Overcoming headaches
Tea is also widely used as a medicine to overcome a headache. because this tea contains mengasih kefain the sense of relaxed, to help the healing period headaches. for that is why the sick are given drink hot tea after meals.
4. Can soothe
Mengasih tea for soothing effect by psychological means. especially on the dish while warm, it will definitely help you feel cozy and warm.
5. Can reduce cholesterol levels
Conforming to a study conducted in several countries, by drinking hot tea every day it was so good for lowering cholesterol levels, that’s why parents are so like tea.
6. It helps nourish the heart
When you have cholesterol can be maintained, then your heart is also in the safe state. because of warm sweet tea has a content of vitamin E that is so good for maintaining heart health of all of us.
7. Can increase energy
Warm sweet tea also has a vitamin B complex. This substance is so good for helping improve the metabolic system anda.sampai its manufacturing process and its energy earnings are also getting faster. for that is why people who consume tea runs have a bit of energy. even so good for helping your meal.
8. Can help dental care
Consume tea on a daily basis is also very good for dental health. should not be mistaken turns fluoride content and also tennis so good for reducing a formation of tartar. things like this that can help us more and more healthy teeth. even help you create still terjauhi from a toothache and another of his gums.
9. Can strengthen bones
Warm sweet tea contains vitamin D which is so good for strengthening bones. especially for those who are still in the developmental stage. in addition, the protein content in tea can also help accelerate bone formation so that faster growth.
10. Can help to replace damaged cells
Cells in your body so vulnerable once broken. therefore, should the need to create their protein helps the regeneration of damaged cells. the efficacy of warm sweet tea here so profitable for replacing damaged cells in the skin, bones, hair, and muscle.
11. Very good for diet
Nutrition on the tea very much. for it can meet the nutritional needs that again on a diet. should not forget for baseball given sugar. although it felt a little bitter, but the calories that would be generated is also small. make tea that is suggested to you that again on a diet.
12. Has antioxidant content
The tea also has antioxidant content. it can help you make against free radicals. so suitable for you who normally work outdoors, because the free radicals so a lot especially when you are under the blazing sun.
13. Defeating cancer vessels
Cancer cells have the ability to evolve so quickly. for baseball that if you put it down immediately, so very worried that the cancer cells have spread. for it must create antioxidant content helps ward off and also turn off the cancer cell growth.
Well like that our explanation about the sweet tea for health benefits. May be useful.

Natural Weight Loss Remedies To be able to Reduce Abdominal fat In A great Easy Manner

InstaSlim pills are the best natural weight loss remedies to reduce stomach fat and improve overall well-being safely.

We all are surviving in dangerous times right now. Well, health wise. With the type of marketing and publicity that junk food brands and fast-food restaurants do, it is impossible for folks to ignore them. And the worst part is the fact that kids and young people get addicted to these foods almost instantly, triggering problems of obesity.

It is time for individuals to understand that maintaining their health is the key to leading a good life. Not necessarily many people realize that not eating the right varieties of food even has severe effects on one’s mental health and only increases problems like depression, anxiety, stress etc.

So what does one do?

Thankfully, there are solutions around in the form of natural weight damage remedies that come in handy. Think of your body as a écroulement where you have already been putting only junk food for a long time. Now, it is time cleanse it thoroughly and make it fresh once more. Natural remedies to reduce belly fat and combat obesity come in helpful in this process, that help you to detox and cleanse the body. You achieve the correct hormonal balances again and are able to get started on leading a happier and healthier life.

Although natural weight loss remedies such as InstaSlim and fiforlif take at least 12 to 16 weeks to exhibit results, one can be assured of the fact that these are absolutely safe for consumption and guarantee results. This is because they consist of powerful herbs and natural substances that eradicate the situation from the roots and give long-lasting results. Typically the capsules aim towards overall health and wellness of the body.

As compared to chemical-based medicines and remedies, natural remedies to reduce belly fat do not cause side effects like sleeplessness, anger issues, discomfort, skin allergies etc. You can, in fact, experience a healthy enhancements made on your body where your energy levels will be better and you will be capable to focus better on work.

Experts suggest that natural remedies are perhaps the best way to ensure that the body achieve its natural equilibrium again. Artificial elements only mess up with the body, whereas natural substances blend with the system’s natural functioning and systems. In other words, herbal and natural remedies only increase the body’s systems with no sorts of hindrances. Therefore if you need to reduce stomach fat in a secure and painless mannerArticle Submission, natural remedies are definitely worth a try.

Expertise Aromatherapy: How this will help In enhancing Your health standards?

Expertise Aromatherapy: How this will help In enhancing Your health standards? Aromatherapy has been in use for centuries for the healing determinations. In this, the healing is provided with the help of the delight odor. There are various plants which contain natural stench in the grove or leaves or in the oil which is distilled out from them. This stench has a positive impact on the head and figure of an individual. The quintessence of the lubricants helps in stimulating the functioning of the intelligence, thus combating various illness. Owing to the regenerating qualities of these plants, they find prodigious practice in the medical manufacture .

Let me examine first some of the plants which are widely used for this purpose .

Pimpinella Anisum

This is basically a herb which is very useful in improving the health standards of an individual. Some of the constituents of this product are fatty battery-acids, starch, crucial lubricants, fiber, moisture, protein, etc. These constituents are very helpful in improving the absorption. Moreover, in the brand-new babies, it helps in the lactation process .
Expertise Aromatherapy: How this will help In enhancing Your health standards?
Bergamot Orange

This is basically a return. Apart from the food and refreshment manufacture, it is widely used in the manufacturing of fragrances and odors. The oil or juice obtained out from this is widely used for medicinal determinations. The smell of this return offers a delight impact on the head and has the ability to counter stress and suspicion. Moreover, it is also used to heal the vaginal infection .

Thymus Vulgaris

This is a highly aromatic seed. It is very effective against reactions. It is widely used in combating respiratory infections, cough, coldnes, etc .


This is basically a herb. It is widely used for the medicinal determinations. It is very effective in providing aid from respiratory infection. The smell of this plant helps in improving the functionality of the lungs. Moreover, it also helps in curing the problem of indigestion, constipation, stomach aches, intestinal parasites, etc .


This is another plant which witnesses prodigious practice in the pharma manufacture. The natural healing cleverness of this plant help in curing the respiratory infection, digestive difficulties, stress, asthma, etc .

The aromatherapy is provided with the help of the essential lubricants. These lubricants are distilled out from the plants. These lubricants contain specials smell which helps in improving the health standards of an individual .

The aromatherapy is widely provided with the help of the rub oil. In this, the essential points lubricants are widely used. The rub is very effective in the event of its stress or suspicion. This is something that helps in providing aid from their own problems like figure anguish, the stiffness of the muscle, etc .

Benefits and Efficacy Soursop Leaf For Health

Soursop plant is a plant that grows in Indonesia. Soursop plant is one plant species that all parts can be utilized by humans are no exception leaves. Soursop leaves is one of the soursop plants that can benefit humans, especially in the health field. What are the benefits and efficacy of soursop leaves to human health? Here I will give the full review.

Benefits and efficacy of soursop leaves the first is as a pain medication. Back pain is generally suffered by the workers by weight. Even so, it does not mean people who work at the office never experienced it. Well, now you do not need to be confused about medications that can cure this disease because soursop leaves have been able to cope.

Ingredients you need to make this herb is 20 soursop leaves and 5 glass of water. At first, soursop leaf wash them clean to avoid dust and dirt. Then the leaves are boiled until the water boils and remain approximately 3 cups only. Drink this mixture as much as ¾ cup each day until the pain disappears waist.

Benefits and Efficacy Soursop Leaf

Benefits and efficacy of soursop leaves the next one is to treat ulcers. A boil is a skin disease that is enough to make you uncomfortable because of the pain it causes. However, you do not have to worry about the existence of these ulcers in the long term because now you can quickly heal by utilizing soursop leaves. The trick is actually very This simple, namely by taking some leaves of the soursop young, then grind until smooth. Put the young leaves of the soursop collision mentioned above boils and ulcers you will soon dry up.

Not only there, soursop leaves also have an important role in the prevention of cancer, ambaien healing, relieve rheumatic disease, lowers body temperature when fever, and treating liver disease. Besides being able to cure such diseases with a fast time, soursop leaf also has no adverse side effects to the body. Therefore, soursop leaf herb is highly recommended for those who suffer from the above. Hopefully with some benefits and efficacy of soursop leaves above can be beneficial to our health.