Different Types of RTA Kitchen Cabinets

RTA cabinets are gaining popularity because they are easy to install and are very cheap compared to traditional cabinets. RTA cabinets are now present in various shapes, attractive designs and impressive styles that can really compliment your home decor. These days they are very easy to buy and can be delivered to your home in less than 3 weeks. This cabinet assembly harga mdf is not a difficult task as it comes with clear installation instructions.

The RTA cabinets are so increasing demand so why now they are produced in a wide range of finishes. So, let’s now discuss about the various designs of RTA kitchen cabinets.

1. Maple Windsor
Maple Maple Maple is perfect for traditionally decorated homes. This cabinet is equipped with semi-gloss glaze with natural wood color and comes with great architectural detail. Additional features added to this special cabinet are heavy duty slide drawers, soft cover handles and hidden European hinges.

2. Ginger Maple Finish
Ginger Maple is a very popular finishing in RTA cabinets that are liked by many people. This cabinet has a unique look that can look good on any kitchen decor. A solid plywood side is used to create a perfect result that can really give an elegant look to your kitchen. Some additional features you can find in the Ginger Maple cabinet are the Epoxy drawer drawer, the Roman Arch cabinet door and the raised panel door.

3. Cherryville Cabinets
All of the door and face frames of the Cherryville RTA Cabinet are made of solid Maple wood with a shining cherry finishing that can really draw the attention of your guests and friends. The European hinge tap and the sides of the dense plywood and the drawer drawer are some of the additional features of this cabinet. In the Cherryville closet, the drawer box was again stained with wood on all sides.

4. Sunset Maple
Sunset Maple is a more elegant addition to Oak and Ginger Maple cabinets. This cabinet has a rich shining cherry color that gives a sophisticated look to your kitchen. All doors are made of solid maple with four sides formed. Additional features of this great finish are the Epoxy drawer drawers, the solid plywood cabinets, the Sunset Maple lid and the hidden European hinges.

5. Autumn Shaker Line
The Autumn Shaker RTA finishing cabinets gives a very unique look to your kitchen decor. In this line you will find the door of the Shaker Panel, the sawed door, the drawer drawer and the folded drawer box. This cabinet is perfect for modern and contemporary kitchen remodeling.


Quick Storage Building

1. Sturdy Handal Foundation

If you build a smaller storage warehouse (usually less than 200 square feet) then the wooden slip foundation is sufficient. To keep the area under dry warehouses, the pebbles will give a stable flat surface for built and drained water as well. Make sure the timbres used for slip foundations harga blockboard are treated for ground contacts otherwise they will experience decay.

For larger warehouses (greater than 200 square feet) concrete plate foundation should be used. Platform layers require a little more work to be installed but will hold larger buildings safely in place. If you put a cement slab foundation for the first time having someone who has experience doing this would be a great idea. Smoothing and leveling slabs can be a tricky proposition.

2. Lift the Floor

The last thing you want in your warehouse is mold and mildew. To prevent this from going up the floor at least 6 inches above the ground. Keeping the floor at this height will protect against rotting frames and floor and window warping.

Leave enough space around the warehouse so you can walk easily around it. You will be glad to do when you have to paint or make improvements. Also let the sun shine in the shed to keep it dry.

3. Do not Skimp on Floor Framing and Decking Materials

Under no circumstances buy the cheapest class of wood. It will not hold up against those elements for a long time and you will end up with a shanty shack in your backyard. Floor framing and plywood decks actually have to be top-notch. The floor frame should be made of 2X6 or 2X8 pressure treated with wood. For floor wear ¾ inch plywood exterior grade. Anything thinner will cause it to bounce on the floor. If you store heavy equipment such as grass tractors or have heavy woodworking machines heavyweight plywood will be able to support these items.

4. Maintain Maintenance to Minimum

You want to do a little work to keep the cage as much as possible so use some kind of PVC material available. You can use PVC material for trim and fascia boards. Also available for low maintenance options are vinyl or aluminum windows, faux-slate shingle roofs, fiber glass doors and composite decking for steps.

5. Making Large Doors and Many Windows

Install double doors in your warehouse. Whether you use it as a warehouse or as a workshop you will be glad you entered the double doors. It is advisable to put a double door on one of the long sidewalls walls as this will allow access to both sides and the back of the warehouse as well. If you use the warehouse as a workshop, I personally will have a door at one end and store a long wall for other uses.

How to Install Wooden Floor

Besides being hard to wear and pretty, hardwood flooring is also very easy to install, which makes many people ask how to install their own wooden floor. This is not surprising; The wooden floor offers a variety of aesthetic options with options for hardwood floors and much better durability than other flooring options. From wood type to hardwood floor to floor pattern design, this floor definitely jual triplek suits your taste, taste, and circumstances. If installing a wooden floor is one of your options, you may want to read to learn how to install hardwood flooring.

Prepare the materials and tools you need. These are final nails, hammers, masking tape, tape measure, tied shovel, hardwood flooring glue, tapping block, hardwood floor stamping, pneumatic stapler, 1/4 “undercoat of plywood, and safety goggles.

Just a few notes before you start, remember that these even engineered and installed floors are not installed in the classrooms. This area has a greater risk of moisture damage. Instead, this flooring should be mounted on solid solid surface. If you are unsure about installing this floor above your current floor, check with the hardwood floor manufacturer first. But if you are, then you are ready to learn how to install this floor.

Measure the extensive footage of all areas where you want to install hardwood flooring. Do not forget to add 5% of the total to make wood scratches and other errors. It is also a good idea to prepare a whole area diagram. Open the floor strip package and let them adjust to the temperature and humidity of the house for at least 72 hours.

Remove all equipment and furniture from the room. Give enough permission for stationary equipment such as dishwasher. If there is gas equipment, it is better to hire a licensed plumber to disconnect for you.

Remove the shoe prints carefully as you can still reuse them after the installation is competing. You should also remove doorstep threshold, if any. Cut off the bottom of the door. Measure and cut the 1/4 “plywood and use it as a floor underlay.Assign plywood to the floor using nails or staples but a pneumatic stapler can make this task easier and faster.

Check the floor strips as some may have scratches, gouges, or broken areas. Measure and mark 12 inches from the right and left sides of the wall where you will start the installation. Dry floor strips. Slide the floor strips forward or backward to allow a 1/2-inch expansion slit between the last wall and strip.

The nail support board along the starting line on the side closest to the wall. You should also install floor boards to the center of the room as these boards will provide the support needed to touch the floorboard tightly.

Spread glue along the starting line by using a notched shovel. The shovel should be at a 45-degree angle for smooth and smooth folds. Make sure you use the correct glue because different wooden spans may use different adhesives. Now you can install floor boards. Do not install floor boards with two ends or close to each other. Tap both sides of the floorboard using the tapping block and make sure the line is tight.

Best Wood for Furniture

Furniture today is made of various types of materials from aluminum to iron and even plastic. But for people with higher appetites, wood is always the most preferred choice. Wooden furniture is generally more durable and lasting. Ready-made furniture does not offer much choice over the type of wood harga plywood used but custom furniture gives you the authority to choose the material to your liking.

But the type of wood to choose depends on many factors, such as use and space. A chair maker will use a different type of wood for the seat while the cabinet maker will choose another. In a special wardrobe, the preferences change very high with respect to the space to be occupied furniture. This is because different woods have different qualities like hardness, softness, texture and flexibility. We’ll cover some commonly used ones.


Mahogany is probably the most commonly used wood for furniture. The reason is strength and color. Mahogany can range from dark brown to reddish brown. It is used in the manufacture of fine furniture, shipbuilding, plywood and the manufacture of outdoor furniture. This wood can last for years and has the ability to resist swelling and shrinkage. During the 18th century, mahogany became a very popular wooden furniture in Europe.


Maple is another high quality hardwood; Usually very light brown color. The color makes it perfect for small spaces where more light is needed. Maple is very popular because of its fine texture. It is used in the manufacture of fine furniture, kitchen cabinets and bowling floors.


Oak is a very heavy hardwood and one of the most commonly used. There are two types of oak, white oak and red oak. Oak is famous for its ring textures and large circles. Americans and Canadians are gifted with many Oak trees. The oak tree can be stained with ease so it is easy to make it colored under other shade. Oakwood is used in the manufacture of boat frames, furniture and floorings.


Beech is another strong hardwood used to make chairs and tables. It is a mostly pale color and can therefore easily be stained. In America and Canada, Beech is found in good numbers.


Pine is the softwood that is commonly found in many parts of the world. There are many types of pine like Pine Ponderosa and Pine sugar. Both are used in the manufacture of furniture. Pine is mostly yellow. It is widely used in the manufacture of plywood and veneer. Pine is known for its beautiful knot.


Cedar ju7ga is the soft wood used to make furniture. One of the very different qualities of cedar is its sweet smell. This odor makes it very desirable to make crates and drawers as they are used to ward off stinging insects as well as perfume of things stored in them.

Decision Factor of Kitchen Cabinets in Kitchen Remodeling

The renovation of an old house or historic kitchen usually includes a new closet. Historic homes often do not have built-in cabinets and old homes generally have inadequate or outdated cabinets. Historic homes generally use furniture instead of cabinets attached.

Older houses sometimes still have enameled metal cabinets or harga plywood cabinets. Kitchen remodeling usually replaces this dated style and inferior material. Some kitchen cabinets in the old house show the result of a chip in a thin layer “finish” on the board composition or fiberboard cabinet.

Homeowners plan kitchen remodeling today, often starting to plan and design their new kitchen by choosing a closet. There are many factors to consider in choosing cabinets. It is important to think about this issue early in the planning process.

Price – Price is a very important consideration when choosing cabinets. Most experts say the kitchen cabinets will cover about half of the total cost of kitchen remodeling. If your budget is $ 50,000, you have far more options than if your budget is $ 15,000.

Wood – The first decision is the kind of wood that is used to make your cabinet. Whether you want a natural finish on wood, or you will be happy with cheaper wood that is colored at the end of a more expensive wood. For example, do you want a natural cherry or would you be happy with another colored wood to look like a cherry? The difference in costs will affect your budget for kitchen remodeling.

Done – What kind of finishing do you want in your kitchen cupboard? Do you want colors, like white or black? Do you want the finished wood – natural, maple, walnut, oak, cherry, or other wood? Do you want to finish shiny or dull / matte finish? Will your choice affect your kitchen remodeling plan?

Style – Where does your particular style plan to design your new kitchen? Will your kitchen be traditional, state or contemporary? Will it have a distinctly American, South, French, British, Old, or Rural World? Or, would you be happier with the eclectic style for your kitchen remodeling?

Construction Types – Decisions that will affect your budget and kitchen remodeling design are:

Is the pigeon’s tail, stuck, clamped or nailed?
How much weight will the drawer support?
Will it be made of the same wood with a door or plywood?
Are shelves made of the same wood or plywood?

Door Styles – Your cabinets and drawers will have doors and fronts to fit the style of kitchen you choose for your kitchen remodeling. It may have an overlay panel, flat panel or raised panel. Different shapes are also available in some of these styles.

Manufacturing style – The style of manufacture you choose for cabinets used in your kitchen remodeling may have the greatest impact on your budget.

Knock-down (KD abbreviated) – This is the most expensive kitchen cabinet. You can usually bring this cabinet home from the store on the same day and you can collect and install it yourself. If your project has a tight budget, this is the best option.
Stock – Stock cabinet is mass-produced and is the most popular choice. They will be available in limited quantities of wood, finished styles and prices. They will also only be available in standard sizes.
Semi-Custom – This cabinet is also only available in standard sizes. There is more variety of styles, finishes, woods, accessories and accessibility and organizational options for your kitchen remodeling.
Custom – Custom cabinets are the most expensive of all manufacturing styles. These types of cabinets can be purchased from several manufacturers, but usually only available from cabinet makers. They are built to exact specifications in various sizes and with style modifications, inserts, sizes, etc.

If you think about kitchen remodeling, you may want to start planning by looking at your kitchen cabinet options. Although custom cabinets are often the most beautiful and unique, you can have beautiful cabinets for your new kitchen at a much lower price.


Popular Style from Hurricane Shutters

The protection of your home or business from potential damage to storms or other tropical storms is very important and you should consider the various protections available to you. Luckily, there are a number of options available that are worth considering and each varies harga mdf  in cost and quality of protection. In addition, the sum of these systems provides additional benefits for your home such as added security and even decorative qualities.


Even if this technique will not comply with building codes, for homeowners who do not have additional defense equipment, burning plywood mask windows is one of the least expensive types of protection against storm damage. In order to work, windows plywood windows need to be secured properly by utilizing a thick 5/8 inch thick piece of wood that overlaps with your window no less than 4 inches on all sides. Wooden windows also need to be securely mounted by using barrel count bolts and tapping the retaining screw to help keep the wind from sneaking under the wooden shutters.

Storm Panel

One of the most affordable and legal storm damage patrons is available in more expensive types of aluminum panels, metals or polycarbonate panels. Hurricane storm panels are usually installed on bolts or preinstalled mounts prior to a storm and then stacked when not needed. Especially since storm panels are relatively inexpensive and work effectively, they actually become the favorite of some homeowners. Installation of this panel is not always very difficult but it will usually take more than one person to complete.

Storm Glass

Tornado, which protects like a plastic-coated glass window, grows in the home market reputation because no window shutters are needed. However, installing storm glass is not easy and, in most cases, should be installed by the contractor. Glass storms provide full time storm defenses but the price can be huge for those who have an old house because they often require complete window replacement.

Bahama Hurricane Window Shutters

Using the shutter system of the Bahamas window is as easy as dropping and locking it in place. This instant drop-down defense throughout the year doubles as a protection of storm damage and then blinds, working as a whole from the whole house rather than taking it from it.

Colors Hurricane Nuance

Like the Bahamas, permanently installed colonial storm windows are usually designed to improve the outdoors. Unlike the Bahamas window window, the clasp window folded from the end of the window, where they bumped, closed, and locked in a stormy weather.

Akordeon Storm Window Shutters

Lift the accordion-style accordion storm can be hidden when not needed. They are folded next to the window where they are installed. Depending on the size of the window where it is installed, the accordion leaf may consist of one or more pieces. Windows are usually made of durable aluminum that can be secured from the inside or outside. The accordion window operates on a wheeled device that is often susceptible to damage. Being a constant fixture, the accordion leaves change the style of outdoor properties.

Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

Roll down window storms are the most expensive type of storm shutter system. When installed, they completely cover the protected window but are barely visible when not in use. If there is a storm to come, the shutters can be closed immediately. The more expensive models are derived through an electric motor controller with a button or button. Another style of rolled leaf cover is closed or lowered with manual hand crank. Roll down storm windows are very effective in securing your home or business from vandalism or theft as well as being very effective against storm damage.

How to Make a Turntable for 360 Degree Photography Product

360 degree product photography is a very complicated topic and involves because the products come in different shapes and sizes. Some may be highly reflective, some may have dimensions that will prevent you from dropping them onto the playtop, and some may have features that can only be highlighted when shot from a certain angle when hanging from above and with certain lighting settings.

The more obstacles you have in your 360 image setup, the less options you get to produce 360 ??smooth product views. It’s also very important to be able to quickly assess how your product jual blockboard emerges from different angles to the settings that existed before you started production of 360 actual product imagery.

So before you continue and spend your hard-earned money on computerized equipment (which is very valuable if you do this commercially), here’s a simple guide to make DIY turntable that will likely solve some of your photographic product needs. Good news? This will only cost you a trip to a hardware store (Ace Hardware or the like), $ 40 and one hour from your time to collect everything!

So a turning table will be built using two round plywood discs and a lazy susan pad installed between the discs to give smooth and steady motion. The pads are tough enough to handle weights up to 400-500 lb or even 1000 lb depending on the brand, so the weak link is plywood. If you go with Shepherd’s bearings, they come with pretty good assembly instructions. The key is finding and marking the center on a plywood disk. This is quite simple as long as the paws are perfect circle:

First, you need to find something that has a 90 degree angle like a piece of white paper. Place the corner of the right corner of the sheet at each point on the edge of the plywood disc and mark the other two points where it crosses the edge on the plywood. Then drag a straight line between two marks and connect the marks with a straight line. Now repeat the same procedure using another point on plywood. The intersection between two lines is the center of the disk.

The rest of the assembly is pretty easy – just follow the instructions on the bearing package!

Once the main job is done, you need to decide how many frames your 360 product display will consist of. Typically, 20 frames per view provides a good balance between the total image size / download speed and the smooth rotation of your product.

So to get 20 shots of the product, the turntable should be able to spin at 18 degrees. The key is to mark the top plywood discs in such a way that you can easily identify the increase. One approach is to put a number mark on the side of the disk. Since you’ve found the center on the top disk, creating a fairly simple 18 degree sign with a protractor.

The final step is to attach a piece of white paper at the top of the plywood disc where you will place your product and mark the measurements on the bottom of the plywood. Now plug your camera, align it with the measuring marks at the bottom and the center of the rotation, then place your product on the table and you are good to go.