Glazes Essie 2013 New Trends For The Glaze

Glazes Essie 2013 New Trends For The Glaze

Six new colors to celebrate the end of summer with nostalgia and accept with pleasure a cooler climate that brings us many new beauty trend. To enamel this time we thought Essie with a collection dedicated to a successful woman.

This autumn, nothing is left to chance. Dare and strengthen the power with the color, that’s what make the concrete women and substance. Essie dedicates the new collection of enamels to this enterprising and independent woman, who has learned to manage expenses from past mistakes and now can dress trendy without spending astronomical amounts. A fashionable woman, keeping up with the times by the work, but also the family itself.

The new collection of Essie nail fits the look of the moment, a classic clothing that requires a match of bright colors, children of the sun and summer, but ready to welcome the brine hues of autumn. I love to know how they feel women when wearing Essie colors says Essie Weingarten, founder and creative director of one of the most beloved brands from addicted nail. And when you tell me that, with Essie colors, feel respected and confident in a business meeting, for me is the best!.

Discover six new shades of autumn 2012 collection Essie in our photo gallery and choose your favorite nail polish. Ours is Head Mistress!

This time in the excesses viewfinder ends there is successful American jewelry, just in Los Angeles, which has created a really unusual nail polish, in a single copy cost $ 250,000. Nor were diamonds … or yes

Apparently a common nail bling bling nails in style, but inside the bottle there are very common but a sprinkling of glitter blacks diamonds totaling 267 carats. Even the packaging of the Black Diamond Nail Polish is very characteristic and with a clear reference to the world of jewelery and diamonds.

Manicure from the Arabian Nights Ordinary mortals will have to settle for the cheaper version of the Black Diamond which inside contains a single black diamond of one carat and that has a very accessible cost of $ 25.

Ops! Trésor by Opsobjects One In support Of African Women Bracelet

Ops! Trésor by Opsobjects One In support Of African Women Bracelet

Ops! Trésor by Opsobjects one in support of African women bracelet. The initiative was born to fight tumors of the uterine cervix in Africa, through the foundation Women Profile for Africa ??of Cesvi and the Umberto Veronesi Foundation.

The cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among African women, 275 thousand a year. To reduce this figure would be enough a simple pap test, if only once in a lifetime.

Proceeds from the sale of the bracelets will finance a year of training completion dell’anatomopatologa Cathy Mulumba, which operates within the Hospital Mama Yemo (Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo), herself a key figure of the project.

Dolce and Gabbana dress Violetta doll inspired by Verdi’s La Traviata

Dolce and Gabbana dress Violetta doll inspired by the Traviata by Verdi. It will be auctioned at a gala evening to be held in Paris on November 24 at the Theatre du Chatelet. It ‘was designed by the designers to support the UNICEF project Frimousses des Créateurs, which helps children of Darfur.

She is wearing a long dress in tight black lace waist by a red satin band. She has her hair and neck has a golden cross with black stones, classic jewel of the tradition of D & G. It ‘made from resin and has his face painted.

Moschino launches Toy, unisex fragrance in the form of plush

Moschino launches Toy, unisex fragrance in the form of plush. When lifting the snout it appears vaporizer that spreads a mix of citrus and spices with a woody base. The cute pet wears a t-shirt that says This is not a Moschino Toy (this is not a toy Moschino), alluding to the fact that the object is only apparently a stuffed animal.

Jeremy Scott, the creative director of the brand, he realized that fashion can be a game. This is why it continues to impress with his creative style and colorful.

Until November 23 Toy will be sold exclusively at Harrods in London and 3 December also in boutiques of the brand and the Rinascente Duomo in Milan.

Amal bag the bag dedicated to Mrs. Clooney

Amal bag the bag dedicated to Mrs. Clooney. The lawyer most stylish of the moment has become a star of fashion in every respect, so that Ballin, historical brand of leather goods, has dedicated its it-bag. Price 970 Euros. It is a simple and convenient model, which is well suited to the demands of a career woman.

The Amal Bag is just the latest in a long line of bags that bear the name of style icons the Kelly Hermes dedicated to Grace Kelly

Jeckerson Celebrates Twenty Years. It Raises The Patches “Collectible”

Jeckerson Celebrates Twenty Years. It Raises The Patches “Collectible”

Twenty years of history. Jeckerson, historic Italian brand of sportswear founded in Bologna in 1995 and since 2008 owned by the British fund Stirling Square Capital Partners, is celebrating this birthday with a double project.

First of all, the contemporary reinterpretation of the iconic model Fit 2.0. The historic 5-pocket with the patch was initially created to allow golfers to dry your hands before the swing, inserts in leather or suede. “The idea has become a real trend and the model has been patented for exclusive use of the company”, explains the CEO to Affaritaliani. Gian Maria Argentina Now the new version is made of fabric Warsong, a broken twill military washed and garment dyed. “Many details and finishes that are inspired by the past, with significant amendments.” As the two-needle stitching on the sides and inside of the leg, that retain the color, accentuate the look unique and original leader. The fit was discounted for a more slim fit, most comfortable and modern. On each piece of limited edition commemorative was also embroidered on retrocinta where the belt passes, the writing in a contrasting color “20thAnniversary”, which incorporates the logo Jeckerson original.

CAPSULE COLLECTION WITH PATCHES – Not only. For the season 2016/17 AI launches a capsule collection seasonal project that will transform the iconic patch, patented, in a “canvas” for creative performances themed. In collaboration with the creative company Independent Ideas, the company has now developed and designed three new revolutionize graphics united by a common thread, in perfect harmony with the brand’s philosophy: the theme of travel.

The first concept elaborates the theme of ancient topographic maps that, digitized and converted into graphic images, are not simply printed on Patch Alcantara, but recreated through clamping material in relief that give a great effect of three-dimensionality. The second was inspired to oceanographic cards. The curves created from digitized design, in this version are embroidered directly Sull’Alcantara with three threads of different color. The end result is a contrast-based alcantara visual impact “unconventional”. The latest creative idea, finally, takes the concept of camouflage that is interpreted in a key multicolor printed directly Sull’Alcantara. Shades of brown, green and blue are flanked so to create an image that is trendy camouflage.

The three innovative graphics will be applied on the patches is that the denim blue gabardine trousers, one of the historical fabric of the brand. “A capsule collection from high ranking, achieved thanks to a clever use of technology.”