Characteristics An Entrepreneur

Analysts defines an entrepreneur as “one who organize and direct the business of taking risks for the sake of profit.” Bambang Widagdo definition in his article “Entrepreneur” … The strategy in winning the business is as follows: “A businessman is able to implement the ideas, concepts or processes in business and promote it to achieve business growth potential.”

Gunawan defines an entrepreneur as someone who is always looking for change, respond to and exploit it as a business opportunity. Innovation is the tool of a businessman that they use to exploit change as an opportunity for a different business or service.

Economic experts pointed clicking a better definition … “scientific examination of how, by whom, and with what effects to create opportunities for goods and services in the future can be discovered, evaluated and exploited. Tarif Konsultan Iso 9001, So consequently, a businessman while in field involves the study of sources of opportunities; the process of discovery, evaluation and exploitation of opportunities; and individuals who discover, evaluate, and exploit the opportunities.

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Being an entrepreneur requires more than just the ideas were great, a true entrepreneur is a rare thing, as someone who has a unique talent with the traits, skills and characteristics that allow them to see and take advantage of opportunities. But what an entrepreneur needs to be successful?

If we read the handbook entrepreneurs tell us whether we have ‘factor E’ or not, the truth is that there is no right or wrong, there is no formula that can becomes the standard. But that does not mean we can not become entrepreneurs. Here are some characteristics that in our experience, a successful entrepreneur is likely to have talent as follows:

1. Entrepreneurs are goal-oriented.
Entrepreneurs are all about setting goals and placing them into their achievement goals; they are determined to make the business be successful and will remove any obstacles that might hinder them. Employers tend to be strategic in their business plan and always have a clear idea what they want to achieve, and also about how they plan to achieve it.

2. Employers are committed to doing business.
Employers are not easily defeated, they see failure as an opportunity to be successful in the future, and if they do not succeed the first time, they will remain committed to their business and will continue to try and try again until it successfully. A true entrepreneur will not answer ‘no’.

3. Entrepreneurs thrive because of the challenge.
Entrepreneurs do not just thrive on it, they also remain calm. Sometimes there is something wrong in the business, but when entrepreneurs are at the end of the leadership of the company in making all the decisions, it is important to remain calm in certain situations. Employers aware of any problems and then slowly and surely develop and grow from each challenge.

4. Employers continue to seek opportunities to improve.
Employers realize that every event or situation is a business opportunity, and they constantly generate new ideas and innovative. They have the ability to see everything around them and focus towards their objectives in an effort to improve their business.

5. Employers are always active.
Employers who are proactive, and know that if something really needs to be done, they will do it themselves. Entrepreneurs are the “actors”, not a thinker, and tend to have a very high standard. Entrepreneurs see their business as a part of themselves and want to make it as part of the daily activities.

6. Employers are always listening and learning
most important part of learning is to listen, and a good businessman would do to add insight.

7. Employers have good communication skills
An entrepreneur must have good communication skills, this power that allows them to effectively sell their products or services to clients and customers. They are also leaders who have the ability to motivate, inspire and influence the people around them.

8. Entrepreneurs are creative individual
This is one of the remarkable properties that can help an entrepreneur, because the people who do business entrepreneurship has a heavy load. Entrepreneurs have the ability not only with clever ideas, but also transform their ideas into an advantage.

9. Employers always passion and always positive
spirit is probably the most important properties to be a successful entrepreneur. They really loved the job and are willing to put in additional hours to make into a growing business. Employers get pleasure from a job in which they live not just get the money.

Entrepreneurs willing to risk 10.
A true entrepreneur does not ask questions about whether they will succeed or not, they actually believe that they will succeed. They exude this confidence in all aspects of life, the businessman was never afraid to take risks because they are confident will eventually win.

Very few people are lucky to be born with all of the above characteristics, but the good news is that all of it can be learned, today there are seminars and rulebook to learn to be a successful businessman.