Choosing the Right Doll for Your Daughter

Fisher Price Little Mommy dolls are an excellent gift choice for every little girl. They are age-appropriate, safe to play and teach the importance of care and care at an early age. In fact, children aged 18 months can already play with this doll.

While all of these dolls are perfect for 18-month-old toddlers and beyond, some dolls may be better appreciated by older kids, while others by very young girls. Because this row of dolls does have many choices, it is important to choose the best option that your child will surely enjoy.

18 months later

Eighteen months is the right time for your child to play with dolls, and Fisher Price Little Mommy is a great starting point. Since your child is young, he may not be able to appreciate complicated designs and features. Most of the time he will hug, hold and carry his doll, so try choosing boneka promosi a simpler model. Encourage parenting and care by choosing simple dolls such as those from the Sweet As Me line or Little Mommy Newborns. The Sweet As Me and Newborn dolls come in a number of clothing and ethnicities, giving you many options to choose from.

24 months onwards

When your daughter is two years old, she will continue to develop her fine motor skills, allowing her to appreciate more elaborate details. At this age, he can certainly enjoy a doll from the Real Loving Babies line, which is a battery operated doll that makes sound and performs cute movements. Hide And Peek’s dolls, for example, practically play with your child with a fun peek-a-boo action. Dolls Walk and Giggle can move from a sitting position to standing and can walk around everywhere. Another option is the Scoot So Cute doll, which is basically a young baby doll that is crawling and rocking around the place. Scoot So Cute’s dolls crawl and display funny giggles.

36 months later

At the age of three, your child is ready to take on a more mature parenting role. Children at this stage also have better language and social skills, and this can be driven by the right puppet of choice. Toddlers You will definitely enjoy the dolls of Fisher Price Little Mommy and twin dolls. Let her play mother by feeding and changing baby dolls.

The Little Mommy Baby Ah-Choo is also an excellent choice. Ah Choo’s baby sneezes when squeezed and comes with an interactive thermometer, some “medicine”, a box of tissues and a measuring spoon. Play All Day dolls, on the other hand, feature a number of moves and can say over fifty adorable phrases, making interactive play time between your child and his puppet.


To complete your doll doll collections, you can get other accessories that will make playing time more fun. Such accessories include travel sets, baths and training sets, nurseries, shopping cart sets, stroller sets, high chairs and playgrounds. You can buy accessories separately and can choose to complete them all.