How to correctly use Minions and Hog Riders in Clash of Clans

clash of clans hog

This time in our troop guide, it’s time to analyze and take out the best strategies of henchmen and mountaineers. Both troops are nothing like anything but both are useful to dethrone the rival and steal everything we want. The minions are agile and the mounts excellent tanks.

Before telling you the best strategies I would like to know what you are looking for this little guide with all possible uses of troops. I personally am enjoying the experience and have even perfected my attacks with the search for possible strategies and tricks for my fighters.

The Minions

They are inexpensive and their training is a short time, that is one of the main reasons why you should take advantage of them whenever you can. These are able to take the barbarian king out of the opposing team and destroy it without getting hurt and, in addition to this, allow you to locate traps so that other of your troops will not be harmed.

Before releasing them you must destroy the magicians towers or they will be able to destroy them in packs. A good way to introduce them to the rival village will be using the giants, these will be used as a tank in front of them and air defenses are not a big problem (because they have to go one by one). If you have forgotten to detect the traps you can send some to discover the air pumps and prevent them all die with a classic bomb.

Hog Riders

Like the PEKKA, many people do not know how to use these troops in a good way and that they do their job correctly. You can use tanks and shields though, so that they work, you must clean the side for which you want them to enter the rival village.

The best of these troops is their speed and the damage they produce, while the giants go to the defenses these go to any building so you should prioritize the destruction of less harmful with archers and barbarians. As a disadvantage is the use of dark elixir, they spend a lot but if you cast a spell of rage or healing you will see how the base is destroyed quickly and these can live much longer. If you do not master this technique, we will teach you how spells work.

What do you think of these two troops? We already have a little bit to finish the troupe by using the clash of clans cheats tool guide although, if you are interested in a different guide, you can always recommend through the comments some facet that you would like to know about this mobile MMO that is raging on all the platforms through which passes.

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