Dangers of Silicone Injection

Network Damage

Its liquid properties allow silicon to flow to various parts of the body and spread, eventually liquid silicone can accumulate in the body tissues and lead to silikonoma, a chronic inflammatory reaction. As a result arise swelling in various parts of the body or face contained silicon content. Smooth faces can be obtained through several types of safer treatments such as chemical peeling and microdermabrasion procedures.

Damaging Face Or Body Form

Due to the presence of gravity, the silicone properties of the liquid will be difficult to gather in one place generally in a place lower than the original so difficult to maintain the desired shape, can even change the shape of the limb or skin where it is injected and cause lumps. From the former to overcome the wrinkles, the face and body will gradually appear loose and sagging because of the weight of the silicon is drawn down. For example the mouth, nose and cheeks will appear thicker and disproportionate. If you already know the cause of wrinkles at a young age, then how to overcome the skin wrinkles on the face naturally and how to prevent premature aging on the face there are many, among others, by using the benefits of aqua skin whitening is more secure.

Changing Skin Color

Silicone injections can change skin color to redness due to inflammation that occurs behind the skin, even at risk of infection. If you want the skin to be firmer, white and smooth, natural treatments using the benefits of cucumber for the face, the benefits of aloe vera for beauty, and the benefits of tomatoes for the face.

Blisters Skin

This can happen when the liquid silicone used is mixed with substance or other substances thereby damaging the skin tissue. Try first natural treatments by using the benefits of Moringa leaves for beauty, bengkoang benefits for the skin and looking for safe cosmetic products that have AHA function for the skin.


Silicone injections can also cause prolonged headaches that are difficult to cure. This can happen because of the body’s allergic reaction to the chemical content of liquid silicone. Use of cosmetic materials that do not match can be one cause of skin allergies.

Damage to Lungs or Brain

Silicone injections can cause a disease called ‘Silicon Emboli Syndrome’ which is the formation of lumps in the lungs caused by fat solvents used in liquid silicone. These clots can enter the bloodstream. This can lead to lung damage-new, brain, and even the risk of death.