Decision Factor of Kitchen Cabinets in Kitchen Remodeling

The renovation of an old house or historic kitchen usually includes a new closet. Historic homes often do not have built-in cabinets and old homes generally have inadequate or outdated cabinets. Historic homes generally use furniture instead of cabinets attached.

Older houses sometimes still have enameled metal cabinets or harga plywood cabinets. Kitchen remodeling usually replaces this dated style and inferior material. Some kitchen cabinets in the old house show the result of a chip in a thin layer “finish” on the board composition or fiberboard cabinet.

Homeowners plan kitchen remodeling today, often starting to plan and design their new kitchen by choosing a closet. There are many factors to consider in choosing cabinets. It is important to think about this issue early in the planning process.

Price – Price is a very important consideration when choosing cabinets. Most experts say the kitchen cabinets will cover about half of the total cost of kitchen remodeling. If your budget is $ 50,000, you have far more options than if your budget is $ 15,000.

Wood – The first decision is the kind of wood that is used to make your cabinet. Whether you want a natural finish on wood, or you will be happy with cheaper wood that is colored at the end of a more expensive wood. For example, do you want a natural cherry or would you be happy with another colored wood to look like a cherry? The difference in costs will affect your budget for kitchen remodeling.

Done – What kind of finishing do you want in your kitchen cupboard? Do you want colors, like white or black? Do you want the finished wood – natural, maple, walnut, oak, cherry, or other wood? Do you want to finish shiny or dull / matte finish? Will your choice affect your kitchen remodeling plan?

Style – Where does your particular style plan to design your new kitchen? Will your kitchen be traditional, state or contemporary? Will it have a distinctly American, South, French, British, Old, or Rural World? Or, would you be happier with the eclectic style for your kitchen remodeling?

Construction Types – Decisions that will affect your budget and kitchen remodeling design are:

Is the pigeon’s tail, stuck, clamped or nailed?
How much weight will the drawer support?
Will it be made of the same wood with a door or plywood?
Are shelves made of the same wood or plywood?

Door Styles – Your cabinets and drawers will have doors and fronts to fit the style of kitchen you choose for your kitchen remodeling. It may have an overlay panel, flat panel or raised panel. Different shapes are also available in some of these styles.

Manufacturing style – The style of manufacture you choose for cabinets used in your kitchen remodeling may have the greatest impact on your budget.

Knock-down (KD abbreviated) – This is the most expensive kitchen cabinet. You can usually bring this cabinet home from the store on the same day and you can collect and install it yourself. If your project has a tight budget, this is the best option.
Stock – Stock cabinet is mass-produced and is the most popular choice. They will be available in limited quantities of wood, finished styles and prices. They will also only be available in standard sizes.
Semi-Custom – This cabinet is also only available in standard sizes. There is more variety of styles, finishes, woods, accessories and accessibility and organizational options for your kitchen remodeling.
Custom – Custom cabinets are the most expensive of all manufacturing styles. These types of cabinets can be purchased from several manufacturers, but usually only available from cabinet makers. They are built to exact specifications in various sizes and with style modifications, inserts, sizes, etc.

If you think about kitchen remodeling, you may want to start planning by looking at your kitchen cabinet options. Although custom cabinets are often the most beautiful and unique, you can have beautiful cabinets for your new kitchen at a much lower price.