Different Types of RTA Kitchen Cabinets

RTA cabinets are gaining popularity because they are easy to install and are very cheap compared to traditional cabinets. RTA cabinets are now present in various shapes, attractive designs and impressive styles that can really compliment your home decor. These days they are very easy to buy and can be delivered to your home in less than 3 weeks. This cabinet assembly harga mdf is not a difficult task as it comes with clear installation instructions.

The RTA cabinets are so increasing demand so why now they are produced in a wide range of finishes. So, let’s now discuss about the various designs of RTA kitchen cabinets.

1. Maple Windsor
Maple Maple Maple is perfect for traditionally decorated homes. This cabinet is equipped with semi-gloss glaze with natural wood color and comes with great architectural detail. Additional features added to this special cabinet are heavy duty slide drawers, soft cover handles and hidden European hinges.

2. Ginger Maple Finish
Ginger Maple is a very popular finishing in RTA cabinets that are liked by many people. This cabinet has a unique look that can look good on any kitchen decor. A solid plywood side is used to create a perfect result that can really give an elegant look to your kitchen. Some additional features you can find in the Ginger Maple cabinet are the Epoxy drawer drawer, the Roman Arch cabinet door and the raised panel door.

3. Cherryville Cabinets
All of the door and face frames of the Cherryville RTA Cabinet are made of solid Maple wood with a shining cherry finishing that can really draw the attention of your guests and friends. The European hinge tap and the sides of the dense plywood and the drawer drawer are some of the additional features of this cabinet. In the Cherryville closet, the drawer box was again stained with wood on all sides.

4. Sunset Maple
Sunset Maple is a more elegant addition to Oak and Ginger Maple cabinets. This cabinet has a rich shining cherry color that gives a sophisticated look to your kitchen. All doors are made of solid maple with four sides formed. Additional features of this great finish are the Epoxy drawer drawers, the solid plywood cabinets, the Sunset Maple lid and the hidden European hinges.

5. Autumn Shaker Line
The Autumn Shaker RTA finishing cabinets gives a very unique look to your kitchen decor. In this line you will find the door of the Shaker Panel, the sawed door, the drawer drawer and the folded drawer box. This cabinet is perfect for modern and contemporary kitchen remodeling.