Doll Industry in America

There are six clothes and diapers available for sale other than Galoob’s Baby Face doll, “Going Hollywood, and High Fashion Diapers, Outdoor Playing, Vacationing in Beds and Swimming”. A customer feedback form is inserted into each doll box pabrik boneka asking to estimate the request for the Special Offer Party wearing Outfit.

It is a promotional offer in which the customer must provide proof of purchase of two Galoob dolls and the amount of $ 2 with check or money order which will entitle the customer to get the Party Party Dress for the purchased Galoob doll. The package was delivered home and equipped with headbands, shoes and socks or diapers. Accessories made for Galoob dolls include strollers, children’s footwear, rucksacks, watches and sleeping bags.

Children around the world have different socio-economic backgrounds apart from the religious beliefs and religious beliefs that play with dolls. There are Barbies and G.I. Joes, Phantom etc are individual sculptures, inspired by the creative skills of the designers, some of which are mainly aimed at young boys such as firefighters, GI Joe, American soldiers and other toys such as Patton tank, fighter, Little girl likes to play with Barbie, teddy bear or the shadow of a galoob-faced doll.

While in boys, it creates courage and a high spirit of patriotism, girls grow with their dolls that make them more feminine and conscious, therefore parents like to give gifts to their little daughter with the baby dolls and dolls Barbie. Many of these dolls become an attractive decoration on display glasses especially as children grow and their priorities change in relation to play and they start playing other sports where they do not need any more dolls to play.

Although the doll industry is growing in America and Europe, there are replicas and duplicates of Baby Galoob dolls faced like dolls and other toys, produced in China, without much quality control policy. Chinese manufacturers have flooded this market worldwide and because the cost of men, machines and labor is so cheap in China, they easily sell it for less than half the price.

Some western countries have recently come to light after testing on them that they are made of standard materials, some of which are found to contain excessive chemicals that are harmful to children, and Chinese-made puppets have been banned by governments.

You must as a responsible parent and citizen be careful when buying a Galoob doll for your child or if you want to give it as a birthday gift or cover it in the Christmas Tree. You may only purchase Galoob dolls from established and reputable retailers who do not keep fake duplicates of this doll because despite product restrictions, smuggled through gray markets and other unauthorized channels.

This is because Chinese-made Galoob or Barbie dolls have the potential to be a health risk and in certain countries serious illness and death have been reported because harmful and toxic chemical dyes are present in the dolls and clothing. But as always, these events have been brushed under the carpet by politicians and politicians as well as law enforcement agencies because the market is controlled by powerful people who know how to sweeten people who come on the road.