Fashion Winter 2015/16 5 Bosses To Buy With Balances

Fashion Winter 2015/16 5 Bosses To Buy With Balances

Balances at the start on January 5th. If you are looking for fashion ideas to take advantage of offers of early years, the runways of pret-a-porter have spoken out here so the selection of the 5 items that can not miss in your winter wardrobe, prepared for by the expert of international fashion platform Stylight, Kerstin Weng.

Soft pants in three quarters. The trousers this winter follows strict rules: it is almost a skirt and pants can be combined with coordinated jacket or vest for a day look, perfect for office or university. The fabrics are soft and heavy. A variant of sparkling pantsuit, you can now make more cool with high heel and blouse.

The pleated skirt (pleated). With pullovers, brogues and beret for a sober look and trendy. The pleated skirt has a retro soul and feminine Just be careful schoolgirl effect: if you feel too chaste add a top or blouse that winks with transparencies or asymmetries and / or a heel important.

Minidress trapezoidal 60s. For your dress flared: green color. Combining classic and in line with the quote retro are a pair of high boots. And if it is in version tee? Largo blouses: with bows, high collars decorated with ruffles, puffy sleeves and so on and so forth. For more fundamentalist? To consider a slight backcombing.

The oversize coat. Maxi coat is perfect to warm the first cold snap. The width also allows, later, to indulge in a warm sweater without the fear of being forced movements. Monochrome, long and low with lace for a more androgynous or tweed with décolleté for a more feminine look, style Chanel.

That statement is a giant bag clutch strictly flat, or covered with hair, or design deconstructed, with room for asymmetry and geometric games, one thing is certain: the bag you notare.Non be fooled: the fact that it is not whimsical justifies a sloppy match with shoes. If you love the convenience and are nostalgic: the pouch and straps are allowed, but only in high tech and sophisticated version. For a new version of the concept of it-bag. After Milan there are 4,000 companies with Brescia, Bergamo and Varese with over 3000, Como, Monza and Brianza and Mantua around 2000. 189,000 employees in the sector, of which nearly 83 thousand in Milan.

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