Fire Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Understanding Fire Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Before entering the explanation of the Emergency Evacuation Procedures Fire, we should note in advance about the types of existing Emergency. A state of emergency is an incident / situasu / abnormal condition occurs suddenly disrupt the activities of individuals, groups, or the environment and these activities must be dealt with immediately. This emergency situation can turn into a disaster that resulted in many casualties and material damage.


Earthquake kit –┬áType Emergencies Natural hazard (Natural Disaster) such as flood, drought, cyclone, storm, earthquake, lightning, tsunami and so on. While Technological Hazard (Technical Failure) for example is a power outage, dam collapse, nuclear leaks, Event Fire / explosion, Accidents / traffic. while the other types of emergencies caused by human social relations such as riots war, riots, anarchist demo and so on. in this article will be devoted to discuss about the Emergency Evacuation Procedures Fire.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures when Fire Alarm Fire Burning

The occurrence of fire must meet three main elements, namely fuel, heat and oxygen. if three elements are met then it will cause a fire. fire cycle within 3-10 minutes will reach the point of 600-1000 degrees Celsius. it is this which will enable the automatic fire alarm in the building.

Fire alarm network will be lit when no manual input of a human via push button, through heat or smoke detectors installed, or no activation of the control room. at this stage, it is necessary to confirm first of the nearest officer who is at the source of the alarm. could be, false alarms were sounded. this can be caused by human error or technical fault on the network installation.

if there is a fire, the Fire Emergency Evacuation Procedures must be done immediately. when he first heard the alarm go off, then do first is to warn people to be vigilant around. turn off all electronic equipment that is plugged in, locked filing cabinet, move objects that are flammable to the point that if it were safe, Save important documents, and Be prepared and get ready to wait instruction / announcement of Fire Commander and Safety Representative.

Fire Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Note measures Fire Emergency Evacuation Procedures which will be directed by the safety department as follows:

  • Stay calm and do not panic
  • Immediate emergency stairs closest to ordinary walking quickly but not running
  • Remove the high heels because of difficult in footfall
  • Do not carry items larger than a briefcase / handbag
  • Tell others / guests who still resides in another room to immediately evacuate
  • If the views covered with smoke, walk by crawling on the wall or banister on the stairs, set breathing shallowly
  • do not be reversed because it would collide with the people behind you and impede evacuation
  • Head to a rallying point in the venue to wait for the next instruction

We never wanted the fires occurred, but at least if we understand Emergency Evacuation Procedures Fire then we will be able to take steps and decisions in accordance with procedures if a case of fire in the environment in which we live.

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