Future Computer Sophistication

With today’s computer technology, it’s hard to imagine how the computer of the future. With today’s technology alone we seem to have been Inovasi Teknologi dan Seni menuju Riau Berbudaya able to “grasp the world”. In terms of technology, some computer scientists believe that one day created a so-called biochip made from a protein substance sitetis. Robots made with this material will become a human imitation later. While the technology is currently in the current research phase of micro-optics and audio input-output that may be used by the computer to come. Computer science experts are now also trying to design computers that do not require programming and writing by users. Computer without program (programless computer) this may form the main characteristic of next generation computer


Possible Future Computers

In principle, the characteristics of future computers is more sophisticated and cheaper and has the ability to see, hear, talk, and think and be able to make conclusions like humans. This means computers have artificial intelligence that approaches human capabilities and behavior. Another plus, the intelligence to predict an event that will happen, can communicate directly with humans, and the smaller the shape. What is clear is that the future computer will be more amazing. The ground of humanity, the future computer will have extraordinary intelligence coupled with the five senses such as human beings: perception, taste, touch, smell, and hearing.

Computer Type
Future computers will also have different shapes and levels of intelligence:

* Small and simple shapes can be taken or worn (for example in the shape of a watch). Has limited intelligence and more functions as a larger computer client. For example, we want to know how the current traffic conditions between Jakarta to Bandung, then this computer will immediately ask to the computer on the network in peer to peer and provide the best information based on data received. This computer is also a kind of identification of the user (master), so wherever the master goes, all the computers around the world will recognize this person based on the identification emitted by this small computer
* Which is installed in the car, its function is to monitor traffic conditions, cars and passengers. This computer will have many cameras that monitor the condition of the road and the interior of the car. The computer also has a screen that shaped the windshield of a car, so that in the dark, the computer can help project bright street images into the windscreen thanks to an infrared camera mounted around the car. The computer will also take over the wheel if the driver is in an unhealthy state (eg drunk)
* Installed at home, its function makes all the processes at home to be automatic. For example turn on the lights, pump pool, and lain2 automatically
* Centrally installed, its function is to manage all the resources in this world. This central computer will connect via wireless network to all computers on the earth’s surface and space …

Sensor Panca Indra
With the existence of the five senses and progress in programming technology, the computer2 can operate independently, because it no longer requires input from special devices such as keyboard / mouse / touch screen on the computer today:

* vision: the computer is equipped with a 360 ° camera and can understand gestures, facial features, mouth movements, recognize people / objects around and translate it into computer instructions. For example, if any suspicious person walks across this computer, the computer can report it to the police and provide data in the form of suspicious person’s photograph / video and other data (such as name, ktp number, address, etc.) of the person
* taster: the computer is equipped with sensors that can taste, so can recognize the various types of food / drinks / objects of taste. This computer can translate the taste of an object and decompose it into the basic ingredients (eg made from sugar, flour, coconut oil percentage … etc). One application is to feel the food that his master will eat and ensure that there is no poison in it