This is how a hacker has managed to steal more than 100 million dollars from Google and Facebook


Do you think you take all necessary steps to stay safe on the Internet? If the answer is yes, I have bad news for you. Google and Facebook, two of the world’s most important technology companies on the planet, will most likely rely on the most secure and advanced security methods available and have lost more than $ 100 million Hacker who has been attacking both companies … for two years.

Of course, you ask yourself: how is this possible? As we are told from Fortune, both companies have been victims of a phishing attack that has caused them losses of a few million dollars, which have gone to the bank account of a citizen of Lithuania.

Even Google and Facebook are safe from phishing

Although it was last month when US authorities identified the attacker, Evaldas Rimasauskas, a 40-year-old Lithuanian citizen, it has not been so far when it has been discovered that among the companies affected by the Rimasauskas attacks, the names of these two Technological giants.

In order to carry out the attacks, ** the hacker was responsible for creating e-mail addresses, invoices and corporate seals to impersonate a large Asian manufacturer ** who, on a regular basis, did business with the two affected companies. Thus, during these two years, this hacker has managed to receive a sum of money that exceeds 100 million dollars without anyone suspecting the least. Of course, Rimasauskas has denied the facts.

Although today, both Facebook and Google have already recovered funds lost due to the attacks, this is further evidence that ** and each of us can be victims of Internet fraud **, however advanced that Be the techniques and safety methods used.

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