A Home For True Lovers Of Design

A Home For True Lovers Of Design

The apartment that you will see today is not only a dream, but really exists and is in Milan! It is a home for true lovers of design, full of exquisite pieces, elegant furnishings and small touches that make the difference. There really are many spaces and their interconnection has been managed in a very modern way, we find the canonical open space, but spaces that communicate with each other without losing their own peculiarities. Each environment has something valuable, which makes it a unique space. It just has to go to find out more about this project by

The living room – Part 1

What better place to begin exploring a house of the living This space is thoroughly modern http://www.indolexa.com, with essential and geometric furnishings, such as the splendid white library to ceiling and metal coffee table and glass, which is a true masterpiece! The decorative elements, such as vases or pillows, are few and all carefully chosen.

The living room – Part 2

In a space dedicated to relaxation and social and family life he could not miss the fireplace, of course in a modern, geometric, clean lines, like the rest of the elements. Everything is integrated in the wall design, which houses the furniture container, the fireplace, a large TV and LED lights, that provide maximum visual comfort.If so inside your home you have provided at least a portion of the wall as follows, undoubtedly the most current techniques are not for you a secret!

adjoining rooms

The living area is not structured to open space, as often happens in modern homes. Here spaces are strongly connected, but without losing their individuality. The dining room is autonomous, but open on the rest. Here also returns the theme of furnishings integrated wall and essentiality, which will be recurring themes throughout the house.

The dining room

For this environment, iconic elements, coma arc lamp, Achille Castiglioni. What about the glass table and chairs An extremely refined, perfect choice for a formal dinner. In keeping with the elegant tone of the room, the floor was chosen a resin between gray and beige.

The entrance to the kitchen

From the dining room leads to the kitchen through a door which in itself is an absolutely fantastic piece of design.

The kitchen

The kitchen is functional, comfortable and very bright. In Italy it happens rarely to have the window behind the sink. Excellent choice to use the furnishings push – pull, without handles, refined and with a dry design.

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