A Minimalist House Of Only 37 Square Meters

A Minimalist House Of Only 37 Square Meters

Today we will present a cozy Japanese house that despite boast an area of ??just 37 square meters, seems to be much larger and spacious. Its small size were then combined with an incredible sloping roof, which gives the house a sense of intimacy and warmth.

The architects of the Space Building studio also features the glass-walled house and numerous windows all around that allow the entry of an enormous amount of light, and gives it a light and airy interior. This solution would be implausible in the city http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-pasar-minggu-jakarta-selatan, where privacy would be compromised in some way, and yet it is right in the city that we are … what is his secret find out with this selection of photographs!

The sloping roof

The house features a minimalist fa├žade and a black sloping roof. E ‘it was almost entirely built of wood and has a linear input. The roof protrudes on the facade, overlooking a small veranda area that serves to create a friendly and with more atmosphere. Despite the house boast only 37 sqm, it has two levels. The second level is in fact pointed attic and is served by the presence of skylights.

transparent walls

In the living area and dining area, we can see how the large glass walls that develop from floor to ceiling allow home wing open outwards. The interior is completely made up of natural wood, so that all exterior and bright shades of green become the dominant force of the internal design. In this way, our focus will always be facing outward and the house will seem wider and more spacious.

Lowered windows to ensure privacy

In this room we find a traditional Japanese tatami and a very particular sand partially covered by a white wall. The latter is located at a certain distance from the first, in this way you will create a kind of well of light that will allow more widespread illumination and delicate for the indoor environment. Of course, the biggest advantage of this environment is the guarantee of privacy. Despite the close proximity to another structure, in fact, this system will avoid the prying eyes.

natural materials

As with many Japanese homes, the design is minimalist, while the combination of tones is completely natural. In this image we can see how the texture of wood have been used to instill warmth and coziness to the house. It is also worth noting the presence of wooden beams, pretty rustic element, combined with a modern and design chimney. The combination of these elements gives off the authenticity and simplicity of Japanese style.

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