Signora mixer – From whisk dough until dough mixer will certainly make your job faster and easier. Whatever the type of mixer you, the important thing is to know how to clean the mixer correct. This is because the dry mixture accumulated in the crevices of the mixer can interfere with its function and cause your mixer to stop working.

Here is how to clean the mixer:

  • Unplug mixer from the power source before you clean it.
  • Remove the agitator and other components. Then, wash with Sunlight Plus Anti-Odor and warm water. The content of lime and green tea in Sunlight Plus Anti-Odor , able to eliminate the fishy smell of eggs in the dough. Use dishwashing sponge to lift the dough sticking. Rinse with clean water and dry it properly to prevent rust.
  • Clean the mixing bowl. You can wash the bowl with a dishwasher or hand. Use dishwashing sponge assistance and an old toothbrush to clean the crevices that are difficult to reach by sponge.
  • Clean the surface of an electric mixer body of stain remaining dough and other impurities that stick. Use a damp cloth or sponge washing dishes dipped in soap solution Sunlight Plus Anti-Odor and warm water. Be sure to squeeze cloth or sponge thoroughly before wiping mixer to avoid water splashing mixer motors.
  • Turn the mixer and clean the well bottom.
  • Clean the area around the button mixer.

When cleaning the mixer, you need to pay attention to the following:

  • Do not use strong cleaning products and abrasive abrasive will scratch your mixer. Therefore, use of Sunlight as a cleaning fluid and a soft sponge for your mixer.
  • Your mixer wash immediately after use. Do not wait until the dough hardens as it will be more difficult to clean.
  • Do not forget to dry the mixer with a soft cloth before you save it.

Treat your mixer with clean immediately after use. With proper care, your mixer will remain clean and durable even for years.