Nested dolls

Matryoshka dolls are Russian nesting dolls. Usually made of wood, Matryoshka consists of several dolls that look the same and fit one on the other side. When you pull one piece apart, the other, a little smaller, sit in it. There are usually six or more in a set. The female doll is called “Baboushkas,” which is Russian for “cute old lady,” and the male structure is called “Dedoushka”, which means “cute old man.” The shape is mostly cylindrical, rounded at the top for the head and tapered downward. Keep in mind there are several different types, and several different price ranges of nesting dolls are available. Just look and get to know the types¬†souvenir boneka of rocks that exist in the Russian market today.

Native animal puppets:

They can come in very small sizes so they are not suitable for small children. This is not a toy, but a gift to give or display. You can find horse dolphin dolls, dolphins, pandas, and new versions of Golden Retriever nesting dolls.

Occupational and Educational nested puppets:

It’s always fun to be collected or given as a gift. If you know someone’s profession, who’s a teacher, Doctor, Nurse, Veterinarian, or other job, you might be lucky to find them.

Christmas Nesting Dolls:

Coming to festival dolls, there are different types of Santas, Father Frost, Christmas Carol, Snowman, Nutcracker, Nativity Scene, and Christmas Eve Nesting Dolls. There are also Halloween Cats, and even the “Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” Sets.

Religious nesting dolls:

There are various types of Monasteries Dolls, Saints, Apostles, and Angels at this perfect example of artwork. The Birth Scene, the Mangers scene, and a set of Holy Family are some other religious doll artwork.

Russian Folk Art & Russian Tales Nesting Dolls:

Russian folk art and Russian nesting Tales dolls are perfect examples of traditional Matryoshka. This is a doll that immediately moves one’s mind when someone hears its name, a Russian doll. This is purely hand painted in Russia. They are very colorful and have a very detailed history. Some have white paint and gold foil ornaments that create a stunning contrast to the dark background of wood-burned dolls. Fang Matryoshkas is very cute even though they show off their sharp teeth. This Matryoshkas dress is inspired by Russian nesting dolls and is made of high-grade ABS plastic. The largest matryoshka stands as high as 4.5 inches, and the smallest is only 1.25 inches tall.