Pineapple Fruit for Health Benefits


Not only good to eat, pineapple is also beneficial for the health of our body. Here are some of the properties of pineapple for health.

Lowering Blood Pressure

Thanks to the content of potassium, useful pineapple helps control high blood pressure. The fiber could prevent the absorption of fat in the gastrointestinal tract so there is no accumulation in the blood vessels which can result in increased blood pressure.

Lose weight

Proteiolitik enzyme in pineapple inhibit fat absorption in the digestive tract to wasted with feces. In addition, vitamin C is also activate fat burning process so it does not accumulate in the body.

Treating Gout

Bromelain enzyme and potassium content makes the pineapple is a diuretic which is effective in helping to overcome the problem of uric acid. However, do not consume too ripe pineapple because the alcohol content would result in increased levels of uric acid.

Overcoming Digestive Disorders

Fiber and vitamin C in pineapple can help constipation and inhibiting the absorption of fat is then excreted out of the body. Oh yes, the protease enzyme capable of digesting protein bromelainnya.

Overcome flatulence

Pineapple contains bromelain, a substance that can help break down food so it can reduce bloating in the stomach. In addition bromelain also efetif to reduce inflammation after surgery, to treat swelling of the nose while experiencing sinusitis infection and reduce pain from oesteoarthritis.

Strengthen bones

Pineapple is also one of the popular fruit to help strengthen bones. The content of manganese in it needed to form the bone structure to be more solid. You can earn 73% of the manganese in pineapple consume in a day.

Prevent coughs due to colds and fever

Because vitamin C is high enough, pineapple able to help fight the virus that causes the flu. Even if you’re suffering from the flu, quite effectively utilize the pineapple as a natural remedy. Is bromelain in pineapple that helps launch cough sputum so speedy recovery.