Popular Style from Hurricane Shutters

The protection of your home or business from potential damage to storms or other tropical storms is very important and you should consider the various protections available to you. Luckily, there are a number of options available that are worth considering and each varies harga mdf  in cost and quality of protection. In addition, the sum of these systems provides additional benefits for your home such as added security and even decorative qualities.


Even if this technique will not comply with building codes, for homeowners who do not have additional defense equipment, burning plywood mask windows is one of the least expensive types of protection against storm damage. In order to work, windows plywood windows need to be secured properly by utilizing a thick 5/8 inch thick piece of wood that overlaps with your window no less than 4 inches on all sides. Wooden windows also need to be securely mounted by using barrel count bolts and tapping the retaining screw to help keep the wind from sneaking under the wooden shutters.

Storm Panel

One of the most affordable and legal storm damage patrons is available in more expensive types of aluminum panels, metals or polycarbonate panels. Hurricane storm panels are usually installed on bolts or preinstalled mounts prior to a storm and then stacked when not needed. Especially since storm panels are relatively inexpensive and work effectively, they actually become the favorite of some homeowners. Installation of this panel is not always very difficult but it will usually take more than one person to complete.

Storm Glass

Tornado, which protects like a plastic-coated glass window, grows in the home market reputation because no window shutters are needed. However, installing storm glass is not easy and, in most cases, should be installed by the contractor. Glass storms provide full time storm defenses but the price can be huge for those who have an old house because they often require complete window replacement.

Bahama Hurricane Window Shutters

Using the shutter system of the Bahamas window is as easy as dropping and locking it in place. This instant drop-down defense throughout the year doubles as a protection of storm damage and then blinds, working as a whole from the whole house rather than taking it from it.

Colors Hurricane Nuance

Like the Bahamas, permanently installed colonial storm windows are usually designed to improve the outdoors. Unlike the Bahamas window window, the clasp window folded from the end of the window, where they bumped, closed, and locked in a stormy weather.

Akordeon Storm Window Shutters

Lift the accordion-style accordion storm can be hidden when not needed. They are folded next to the window where they are installed. Depending on the size of the window where it is installed, the accordion leaf may consist of one or more pieces. Windows are usually made of durable aluminum that can be secured from the inside or outside. The accordion window operates on a wheeled device that is often susceptible to damage. Being a constant fixture, the accordion leaves change the style of outdoor properties.

Roll Down Hurricane Shutters

Roll down window storms are the most expensive type of storm shutter system. When installed, they completely cover the protected window but are barely visible when not in use. If there is a storm to come, the shutters can be closed immediately. The more expensive models are derived through an electric motor controller with a button or button. Another style of rolled leaf cover is closed or lowered with manual hand crank. Roll down storm windows are very effective in securing your home or business from vandalism or theft as well as being very effective against storm damage.