How to Remove The Mole from The Blood?

How to remove the mole from the blood?

Just like effectively killing warts, garlic can help us eliminate this mole. You can try a topical treatment or consume it directly

If we have a blood mole we do not have to worry, because this is not a health risk. But still, many people who have it want to take them away for an aesthetic question.

In this article we explain what, why they appear, what medical treatments and what natural remedies can help make them disappear, as well as some general tips for treating and protecting our skin.
How are they

Blood spots, also known as Nevus Rubi, are round, red in color and are usually no larger than 2 millimeters in diameter. They usually appear mostly in the chest, neck and arms.

Why did they show up?

In most cases, they appear over time, and we can see how the elderly appear more often and more frequently. Natural beauty.  It is also true that they are more common in people with very clean skin.

The main cause that arises is the dilation of small blood vessels in the skin and by overexposure to the sun.

How can we remove it?

If they are small they can be disguised with cosmetics or cosmetic makeup, although there are various medical treatments that allow to eliminate them. In this case we should consult a doctor or dermatologist to tell us which one is easier:

Surgery: This applies to large and deep moles primarily. Cleavage is made on the skin, the mole is removed and the area is then stitched. It can be painful and often scarred.

Laser therapy: This method is fast and painless, and not only has a mild effect.

Cryotherapy: In this option liquid nitrogen is applied to freeze the mole and then remove it, just as it does with warts. The problem is, it’s expensive.

However, some people prefer to try some natural remedies first because this avoids the inconvenience of medical care and the higher the price.

We share a natural solution to remove moles by using garlic. How:


Garlic has a very powerful properties, as we know it may be due to its ability to remove warts. In this case it works the same way. Apply a fresh piece of garlic over the mole and stick it with masking tape. We will change it more preferably twice a day, in the morning and before bed.

In addition, we can complete this treatment by consuming raw garlic or garlic oil capsule.