Small But Beautiful 6 Ideas To Shine A Bathroom Extra Small

Small But Beautiful 6 Ideas To Shine A Bathroom Extra Small

Who said that an extra small bathroom may not be as fascinating as a larger bathroom If in fact the square footage limitations them there are, that does not mean it should be perceived as a disadvantage. Embellish it and make it visually more spacious and chic with some little trick is not that difficult. Even a few square meters can indeed become a lovely and intimate oasis where you nurture the well-being as well as take care of your body. Debase the environment due to the confined space would therefore be a big mistake. What tricks we can then put in place to achieve an aesthetic effect noteworthy How we can use and make the most of the furniture, their arrangement within the room and the decorative and functional accessories in order to facilitate us

We do a short tour through 6 bathrooms housed in Shine international projects to steal some ideas!

Opt for one large mirror

If the bathroom is extra small, then the mirror will be King! Let us not be discouraged by the small sizes, the trick that can seriously help us bring up the bathroom visually larger detail is just a reflective, like a mirror! Especially if the floor and wall colors are clear, recommended that factor does not stifle the already restricted environment, here is that increasing the volume of the mirror, stretch the existing one or choose a wider or entire wall at the time of a bathroom renovation, It will be a tactical and useful. Opt for minimal models without frames or basic frames and little thick, so as not to frustrate the effect of expansion.

Do not underestimate the exposure

It ‘important to evaluate and take into account the exposure of the living room. Without taking into account this factor, in fact, there may be drawbacks such as excessive heat and cold at certain times of the day, good lighting and ventilation in rooms where you just stays and vice versa. The southern exposure is ideal not only for the living but for all those who lived very local, such as the kitchen. Exposure to the west is good for the stay only in places with temperate climates where the sun penetrates the room and allows you to illuminate them in a natural way until sunset, no heat them. If you can not decide and take action on the location of the room we must at least equip the environment with large windows and plants that can ensure proper lighting and ventilation of the environment.

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