This is the reason why to travel to Indonesia

Do you know why foreigners make Indonesia their favorite destination for a vacation? Not even a few of those who finally settled living in this beloved country.

There are various reasons that make them feel at home in Indonesia during their vacation. The beautiful nature of this country and the friendliness of the native people are some of the small things that make them feel at home. But there are also some very unique reasons that are asked by Caucasians who choose a vacation in Indonesia with Bus Pariwisata. Starting from being able to get a younger partner up because in our country is famous for its irregularity. Well here’s a full review of the reasons the Caucasians choose Indonesia as a tourist destination as well as their residence.

1. Natural Beauty that is Unmatched
The most basic reason of the Caucasians who decide to choose Indonesia as their tourist destination is because of the natural beauty of this country that is natural compared to other countries. This is true, Indonesia has a vast territory and is divided into thousands of islands that have unparalleled natural beauty even the world recognizes it. The Caucasians generally like traveling challenging, well Indonesia has many mountains, caves, forests, rivers, waterfalls, beaches and seabed are all available here. The more proud of almost all tourist spots in Indonesia naturally formed by nature and conditions are still awake.

2.The friendly weather, the sun shines through the year!
This fact is very unique, it turns out the Caucasians who since birth has lived in a country that has a cold winter does not like the cold. Why? Yep, this is not a lie if the Caucasians also hate winter. The reason is trivial, winter limits their activities and makes them difficult to wear clothes at will.

Another case if in Indonesia, the sun will shine throughout the year. There are only the dry season and the rain and if it arrives, the cold rain season is still within reasonable limits. With this situation, the Caucasians can at will heart to wear any clothes without fear of cold. Activities they will be able to run smoothly without a snowstorm disturbance.

3.People Friendly and Cheap Smiles
The next reason of the Caucasians who choose a vacation in Indonesia is because the Indonesian people are a friendly and cheap smile. This is true if the nature of friendly and cheap smile has been inherited by Indonesian society for generations. This is what makes the blue feel at home in our country, they will feel more appreciated than in other countries whose society is indifferent.
There is a parable that says Se-jute NYA-jute kaya people of Indonesia, would be smiling if in chatting. The bullpens assume that Indonesians always smile, greet and shake hands with everyone he meets. You agree?