Tips to Save Yourself When Earthquake in Tall Buildings

An earthquake often occur in various regions of Indonesia. Earthquake often causes panic, especially for those who work in tall buildings, earthquake emergency kit

Hasil gambar untuk Tips Menyelamatkan Diri Saat Terjadi Gempa di Gedung Tinggi
1. If Barada in the building and could not escape it must be dropped to the floor and then seek protective to be under a desk or sturdy furniture until the shaking stops.

2. If there is no table, then protect your face and head with your arms and pressed against the inside wall or the main pillar supporting the building. This is to prevent the falling debris of the building.

3. Avoid or stay away from glass and glassware or walls that can befall risk.

4. Remaining silent in the room until the shaking stops and safe to come out.

5. Do not use the elevator to go down, but use the emergency stairs

6. With disabilities.

Chairman of the Jakarta recue Hadianto W in the event of an earthquake on the Activities of Bhakti Building, Jl Veteran, states needed a captain to lead the evacuation floor in high rise buildings. Floor captain should undergo training every year.

Flour captain in charge of coordinating the inhabitants of the floor for the evacuation of an earthquake. Floor captain was the last person out of the floor and stated that the floor is safe or there are those who do not want to be evacuated for various reasons

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