Tips Using Presto pot of Good and True

Cooking using pressure cooker will produce healthy food. Because the content of the nutrients found in food will remain intact so that the food will be healthier when consumed. Using a pressure cooker to cook with is clearly more convenient and practical, so that your work will become easier. Presto eko signora cooking using pressure cooker will cook faster and the food will be more tender. Cooking using pressure cooker will be more efficient in the fuel gas.

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However, not everyone knows how to use a pressure cooker properly so that they can not exploit the advantages and superiority. Using a pressure cooker properly will maximize its performance, but that you also will avoid things that are not desirable. Using a pressure cooker should be more careful, because different pressure cooker with a regular pot. So what kind of tips using a pressure cooker properly? To find out you can directly see the discussion below.

Tips Using Presto pot of Good and True

  1. First you have to check the pressure cooker that you will use. Prior to use the pressure cooker must be clean both the outside or inside. Make sure that the pan was no food left or dirt on either edge of the pot or lid. Pan is not in a state of disrepair, and the rubber ring must be in good condition. Should fit the size of the pot lid, is not brittle or cracked.
  2. You have to make sure if the pot is filled with water. For the amount of water itself has a minumum amount.
  3. Do not use the pot for filling foodstuffs more than two thirds of the size of the pan itself. This is done in order to avoid excessive steam pressure at the time of cooking. As for the cuisine that produce broth or froth, then charging a maximum of half of the pot capacity.
  4. When to use it and the vapor pressure is reached, you can instantly turn down the flame.
  5. You have to pay attention to the cooking time in any particular type of food. You have to cook with a predetermined time. Because, if you are taking too long to cook the food, then most likely the food will become mushy mushy.
  6. When cooking you do not open the lid of the pot up to the pressure of the pot is released. This is done to avoid unwanted things. There are several ways you can do, which is releasing the pot in a natural way that is lifted from the pressure cooker on the stove, then let the pan cool. Another way you can do that, open the safety valve until the steam exhausted pot. Only after that, you can open the lid of the pot.

When using a pressure cooker to cook, then the results obtained may be somewhat different depending. It is based on the quality of the pressure cooker is used. To give good results, then you should use a pot that has a good quality.

That’s the tips using a pressure cooker properly. May be useful.

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