Traditional ways Buncit Shrink Stomach? Try it this way

On this occasion we will discuss about how to shrink the bloated belly of traditional or natural. Indonesia is a country rich in a variety of herbs that have been used by generations since time immemorial that has been proven to be effective. Herbs are today already widely used by the industry of modern medicine to be extracted and taken advantage. One of the benefits of this herbal plant is to lose weight and also to shrink the bloated stomach.

How to Shrink Stomach Buncit Traditional?  Try it this way

It never hurts to try to shrink the bloated stomach in a natural way, of course, because it is safe and virtually no side effects. Utilizing natural materials also will have many positive effects on health, because it is rich in beneficial substances others, including cancer-preventing anti-oxidants and vitamins. Many slimming drugs on the market are illegally imported so as not passing the test BPOM which makes safety in doubt. Be thoughtful treat your body.

How to Shrink Stomach Traditional Buncit with Healthy and Fast

Shrink the bloated stomach is actually not too difficult. Things need to be done of course is a healthy lifestyle, ie eat healthy and more active lifestyle or exercising. Shrink the stomach distended with exercise is the most effective for burning fat fast and is the most effective way to facilitate digestion. Nonetheless, there are several traditional ways that can help to shrink the stomach distended with quite powerful. These include the following:

  1. Green tea

The first thing that you can try as a way to shrink the stomach is distended traditional green tea. Since the first green tea is believed to be one way to lose weight and shrink the stomach effective. To get the maximum benefits, drink hot green tea on a regular basis before you eat. Make sure you drink green tea without sugar.

Drinking tea before meals will certainly make the stomach feel fuller while eating, this will make you automatically reduce your food consumption. Green tea can accelerate the metabolism of the body, including fat metabolism, so that will help to eliminate fat in the body, one of which is fat in the abdomen. Additionally green tea is also rich in anti-oxidants that are beneficial for preventing cancer and green tea also efficacious lowering LDL cholesterol levels in the body. It’s amazing is not it?

  1. Tea and Lime

In addition to using green tea, you can also use regular tea that is mixed with lime . But can be a drink that calms the mind, taking a mixture of hot tea and lemon is also quite effective as a way to shrink the bloated stomach without exercise. You need to prepare in advance is 3 tablespoons of tea, a lemon and a glass of hot water. If you’re not available lime, you could be able to replace it with lemon juice .

How to make it was fairly easy and it takes a long time. First, pour the tea that you have prepared in advance with a glass of hot water. Wait a while until the temperature drops, then add the lime juice. Do not add lime when the temperature is still hot, as it will damage the vitamins. To get the most you can eat this traditional herb twice a day with a ½ cup portion only. Drink regularly and bloated stomach you will slowly shrink.