How To Whiten the Natural Yellow Teeth

Here is how to whiten your teeth so you can be more confident when smiling.

Using Strawberries

The first by using strawberries. Well this one fruit is one type of fruit that has a delicious taste and can be useful to make teeth look more white and yellow color fade. How to use it is very easy, that is

Blend strawberries
Rub the grated strawberries into your teeth
Do this regularly
Strawberries have a whitening effect that can make your teeth whiter.

Note: After doing this, you need to brush your teeth clean so that the sugar content in the tooth can be lost.

Using wood charcoal

The second way is to use wood charcoal. It’s a bit strange as it sounds if you whiten teeth using materials that are clearly black. Nevertheless, do not let the wood charcoal, because it has a content that can remove the yellow color in the teeth.

However, try to use charcoal is only 1-2 times only, given the nature can erode tooth enamel, so excessive use will lead to aches and toothache.

Here is a natural way to whiten teeth with charcoal:

Prepare enough wood charcoal.
Puree the charcoal until it becomes powder.
Use to brush your teeth slowly.
Gargle with warm water and see the results.

Cartatan: Do not overuse this.

Backing Soda

How to whiten your teeth next is to use backing soda. This method is one way that is quite easy to do. The developer materials used in making these cakes can also be used to whiten teeth. Brushing teeth using backing soda has a function to eradicate stains on yellow teeth. How pemakainnya by applying backing soda evenly and thin it and let stand for 3-6 minutes, then brush your teeth with toothpaste then last rinse with clean water.


How to whiten the next is with siwak. We can take care of teeth with miswak or siak where are the roots or branches of trees that can be used to clean teeth, mouth, and gums. To use this ingredient you can use soft siwak fibers from Siwak plant itself. The fibers are then used to brush your teeth. How to whiten your teeth naturally and permanently this can be used as your yellow dental solution.