Wish we had the best Newquay holiday

Engage in exciting activities during your Newquay holiday so you can bring beautiful laughter and memories for your family vacation. Stay in an independent holiday cottage so you can have maximum comfort and security. You can go beach jump or trip over nature. You can explore the coves and towering cliffs, learn about the history of Cornwall in museums and libraries, or shop. This charming coastal town in the south-western region of England has a cool climate, a beautiful location, and friendly people who karimunjawa tour package will truly make your Newquay holiday truly special. If you are looking for fun and adventure for the whole family while staying at the holiday cottage.

Activities at the Waterfront

Water sports enthusiasts will love the clear blue waters of the Cornwall coast which is the perfect destination for activities such as swimming, surfing, diving, sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, and more. Whether you want a peaceful cruise along the island and nearby coves or adrenaline pumping activities, simply select a stunning beach near your holiday cottage and enjoy the water to your heart’s content. Take your family to one of the following beaches: Harbor Beach, City Beach, Lusty Glaze Beach, Fistral Beach, and more. So step out of the comfort of a holiday cottage and enjoy your Newquay vacation on the beautiful beaches of Cornwall.

Shopping trip

Whether you are on a budget or are willing to splurge while staying in holiday cottages, shopping complexes around Cornwall can offer everything you want to buy. From high fashion clothing and accessories to unique items and souvenirs, choose from local shops, curio grocery stores and malls. Surf mementos can be found in surf shops. You can also buy precious gems and diamonds, discount equipment, specialty foods, and other great finds that will make your Newquay vacation wasteful.

Eat and win

You can have the most delightful gastronomic experience in Cornwall by dining at some of the finest restaurants near the holiday cottages. Tickle your taste with international cuisine from Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean. If you’ve never tried Indian, Nepali and Mexican cuisine, this is the best time to try your Newquay holiday restaurant, The Quint, Stavros Inn and Kathmandu. Plan your itinerary so you can visit all these wonderful restaurants.

Playing golf

For golf lovers, the Cornwall golf course offers world-class facilities and beautiful surroundings. Whether you are an amateur or professional golfer, you can enjoy many challenging games here. Rounding golf is not only a good sport, you can also be free from stress and anxiety because of this activity. Beautiful water spots, lush hills, beautiful beach scenery are just one of the reasons why playing golf in Cornwall during your Newquay holiday is a relaxing and enjoyable activity.